A Moment of Weakness by Brooklyn Skye

A Moment of Weakness by Brooklyn Skye

181 pages



Laurel Harris needs a job for the summer. She has worked hard for her teaching degree and this is the only option she has. Her best friend told her Micah her brother needs help for his little girl. Seemed okay at first but each day with her scary sexy of a god boss is starting to tempt her in so many bad ways. Micah Crane is unlike any boss she has had and this scares her. One minute he is brooding, dangerous and the next he is sweet, sexy and confusing the hell out of her. Laurel knows somehow by the end of summer saying good bye to him and Shae his daughter will be the end of her. As a teacher she must always think of the children or child in this case yet something about Micah is making her see there is more to life than just teaching.

Micah Crane is in trouble. He has tried for the last couple of years to be a good father a better one that his own father. Yet ever since hiring Laurel as a nanny for the summer he is seeing how wrong he has been doing things. Shae is the most important thing right now and he has no time for distractions especially one as sexy as his nanny. Working in his bar he is trying to be good yet it is his side job that is making him see his life is dangerous. Each day with Laurel and his little girl is making him see that maybe a family together might be impossible. Can he make things right and let go of the past for a chance at happiness?

This is the first I have read from Brooklyn Skye and have to say it was like WOW. I just loved how sexy and brooding Micah was in the book. One minute you hate him for the way he treats everybody yet in another you just want to get on his lap and kiss him senseless. I have to applaud Lauren for her restraint for it was me hello. Brooklyn Skye just wowed me in this book I mean each time I thought something was predictable she threw an obstacle in the way. The passion between Micah and Laurel is like in a way instantaneous one minute cold then hot. Let me tell you this is one book you don`t want to miss for it has danger, love, passion and most of all a chance at happiness. Loved it.


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