Tropical Heat Book 3: Kissed by You by Sophia Knightly

Tropical Heat Book 3: Kissed by You by Sophia Knightly

134 pages



Christmas not one of his favorite holidays lately. As a doctor he knows life can change in an instant yet Christmas is not something he is looking forward to again. Five years ago he lost his parents even though he is grateful for his life there are still things he regrets. Meeting Georgie Kincaid in a stormy night is not something he ever expected to happen. All he wanted was a night with his favorite friend, a scotch drink. Georgie is more than a breath of a fresh air she is all perky and in the holiday spirit. He knows he is sounding like a scrooge but he doesn`t see anything worth celebrating right now. Georgie is a woman who deserves more than a grumpy doctor, a man who can love again and enjoy the holidays. Can he a man who doesn`t believe in love anymore fall in love again?

Georgie Kincaid has had it with men. She spent the last couple of years with a man who thought was the one. Yet she knows now there is no perfect guy in this life. Christmas is a time for her to be with family and be grateful for things she has. Getting stranded in a stormy night in front of Dr. Alex Cortes house seemed like fate was telling her something. Here is a guy who has forgotten what being grateful means. Gorgeous, smart and sexy is not something she needs right now but real love. As a woman who has spent years wanting the one thing St. Nicholaus can`t grant her she is ready for more and not just being a doormat this time. Can she just leave Alex knowing that he will be alone never feeling love again?

I have to say Sophia Knightly has once again done it in the Tropical Heat series. Seeing a man like Dr. Alex going through such heartache and a woman like Georgie to turn it all upside down was awesome. I loved that no matter the pain she is going through Georgie is determined to make Alex enjoy Christmas again and be loved. The chemistry between them is hot and have to applaud for Georgie keeping strong despite how hot Alex is. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this series.


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