Book 1 of Scarred Souls: Raze by Tillie Cole

Book 1 of Scarred Souls: Raze by Tillie Cole


272 pages


He is number 818. He is a killer groomed to kill when demanded. At least that is what he was always before in the gulag. A place somewhat like a prison yet a place no one wants to ever be in. Something in him is bringing memories he never had before. A time where he was safe, fun-loving and in every memory is a little girl. A girl who is making him remember a time where he was not a killer. He is number 818 yet to the little girl he is Luka a boy who had a family, love and most of all a promise to a little girl he will always be there for her. He has seen many things, killed people and yet there is one person who deserves to be killed above all else. Can he get his revenge once for all and be the boy he used to be?

It has been years since Kissa has ever felt loved and kissed for real. Her heart was broken years ago when the love of her life ends up dead. Since Kissa has been living a shell of a life. Nothing matters to her only that her heart died when Luka, her one and only love is gone forever. Yet when a stranger rescues her something about the man makes her feel like she knows him. She knows it is not wise to befriend homeless people but something about this guy and his eyes makes her feel well loved. Her fiancee is a man people are scared of seeing he is a big time fighter. All Kissa wants is a man to love her like she felt with Luka. She knows the stranger is Luka even though other people might not think so. Kissa has no idea how her love came back alive only knows she is not letting him go ever again. Can she finally get the love she deserves?

In one word RAZE by Tillie Cole is WOW. I have to say at first it was a little confusing because of the whole family ruling over the city and then you have the forbbiden love triangle. What got me was here is number 818 a person trying to be sane yet because of circumstances has made him into a killer. The love that is between him and Kissa is like Juliet finding her Romeo again. Tille Cole just shined in this book and have to say definitely cannot wait for Book 2 from this beautiful family. The pain that Raze aka 818 goes through is one that will mark a memory in you to the point where you want him to be happy. I just loved it and stay tuned from this talented author.

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