Men of Mercy Book 1: Redemption River by Lindsay Cross

Men of Mercy Book 1: Redemption River by Lindsay Cross

318 pages

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Hunter James is back in the States for a mission. Not just any mission but someone is out to wreak havoc in his hometown of Mercy. His mission is to get info from Evie Videl and the MRG. He knows when he left years ago he left not only her hometown but his heart. Evie is the only one who understood him but seeing her with another man ruined him. Going into the Army seemed like a great way to escape the heartache and pain. Being a part of the Scorpions elite team gave him a second chance at having a family. Yet through all the fighting, bloodshed only one thing kept him going Evie`s face. Seeing her now and knowing that she might be part of a terrorist group is too much. Can he convince his Evie that he is here for good and find out who exactly is behind the weapons in the small town?

Evie Videl is not the same fun, loving and shy woman she used to be when she first hooked up with Hunter James. Back then they were perfect for each other with so much heat and passion. She still has no idea what happened between them just know that he is back so is all the feelings towards him. Evie has no time to deal with Hunter she has to deal with her family and an annoying ex. Marcus Cravant will do anything he can to break her down. Though they are not together he is still controlling her in ways no one knows what happened in their relationship. Not only is Marcus in the background but now Hunter is determined to win her back. She has one job to do and finally Marcus will be gone but can she keep her heart intact when Hunter leaves again.

This is the first I have read from Lindsay Cross and have to say it freaking blew my mind away. I loved that even though these are all men in the most dangerous and elite team they formed a family like no other. This book starts with Hunter James a man who has never felt love only has seen it. All his life he has been running from it and love it that when he meets Evie he comes all undone around her. Evie no seemed a little hard to like at first for she seemed to harsh and well tough all the time. I loved that when Hunter is around she like him comes all undone. The passion between them is hot and man talk about explosive. The saying of oil and water so comes true between these two.  For the first in a series Lindsay Cross definitely is going somewhere with this series of soldiers and man the women that are there for them watch out. Loved it.


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