Scarred Souls Book 2: Reap by Tillie Cole

Scarred Souls Book 2: Reap by Tillie Cole

242 pages



Number 221 is a killer, a fighter and a man with no memory. Taken away from his family he has been in prison trained to be killed and nothing else. For years he has fought and killed people with no remorse. So many years he has lived under the Master`s nose to fuck whoever he demands him to fuck and kill without question. He is a monster and trained for one thing. Kill. Somehow someone rescues him and for the first time he is lost. It is this persons touch that makes him feel alive and not on the edge to kill. It is a woman who is making him feel things he has never felt before. Her name is Talia and she is the light to his darkness. A darkness that he has known for so many years but her voice and love wakes him up from a dark slumber. Can he trust this woman, a stranger who rescued him yet in some ways still feels lost?

Talia is the princess of the Russian Bratva mafia family and is tired of all the killings, money-laundering and just wants to be normal. Having her brother Luka back in the family should make her feel relieved yet she is feeling antsy. Going to the Hamptons away from her family was supposed to be a time for her to relax yet her brother has something in store for her. Something about the man in the dungeon beckons to her. He came in broken, defeated yet when she see`s him all Talia notices is a man crying for help. They say he is dangerous and should not get near him but she doesn`t care. For the first time with this man she is feeling alive. As the princess of the Bratva family she must not feel for the enemy but the heart wants what it wants.

Once again Tillie Cole has blown my mind away. I thought the first book in the Scarred Souls was awesome but man reading about Number 221 was freaking cool. My heart broke when I read his ordeal and what he went through because of the Master aka Monster in this book. Talia and him are like one person the way they complete each other. I loved that even though others told her to stay away from him she never left him even when things got tough. It is more than just 221 in this book for it is about a man finally seeing the light that was taken away from him years ago. Tillie Cole I have to say not only are you talented but a fantastic storyteller in this readers opinion. Loved it.


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