Maddox Brothers by Ella Jade and Lacey Wolfe

Maddox Brothers by Ella Jade and Lacey Wolfe

285 pages



Hudson Maddox is set on work. Everybody around him says he needs to relax and will miss life with all the work he has been doing. Not only is he working so much but now he is now known as the sexiest realtor in his hometown. Real Estate is his life and loves selling homes but one person is making his life hard right now. He knows how to handle his clients but something about Kennedy is getting under his skin. She is the opposite of women he has been with for she is more of a tomboy than a real female. Her idea of a great date is getting a house rebuilt then flipping it for sale. Kennedy knows a man like Hudson can never be into her but something about his kisses make her feel like a woman. Can she ever be his woman?

Liam Maddox has many regrets in his life. Just like his brother, Maddox, he is all about work yet not committed to anything besides work. Everybody says he will never find the woman for him but nobody knows he did find one already. Problem is his heart already belongs to a woman the one that got away. Chelsea was his everything and now that she is back he is determined to get her back in his life this time forever. 

In one word for these two brothers is HOT. Have to say between these two I loved Liam. Don`t get me wrong Hudson was great but something about him just seemed off to me.  I wanted to know more about him and yet it seemed it was about Kennedy in his story. Now she was a treat to read about with her stubborness and outlook in life. Now Liam like I mentioned hot. I loved that even though he is like a revolving door towards women we find out what made him like this. The passion between him and Chelsea well grab ice. Hot, hot these two I was like go Liam get your girl. Ella Jade and Lacey Wolfe just rocked in this book. Two talented authors bringing out two men who are hot and finally a chance at what is missing.


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