Songbird Novel Book 5: True Melissa Pearl

Songbird Book 5: True Love by Melissa Pearl

266 pages



Tessa and Jimmy. Jimmy and Tessa. It has always been these two together never one without the other. Yet all it takes is one night for Jimmy and Tessa to be no more. A night that even now Tessa has not forgotten and wonders what happened. Jimmy has always been hers and has no idea why he is afraid to fall in love. He has always been there for her yet this is one time she doesn`t want him. She has always been impulsive and because of this she is not perfect anymore. She used to be whole and alive  now she is a shell of what she used to be. Playing music with her drums was her whole life and now being one handed is making her wonder what is the point of living. Everything she has tried to get away from her past is coming back with her mother in the background screaming loud and clear. Can she learn to continue on with life without her true love by her side?

One night. One night that still haunts him today and makes him crave for more of her. A night that because of him has ruined his loves life. He always knew Tessa was impulsive but now because of the accident she must live with it every day.  He has no idea what changed but knowing that one day she might not be here scares the shit out of him. It has always been them two against the world and in their band CHAOS. Music is their thing the only place where they can be with each other without actually saying words. He knows Tessa is not living right now and is stuck in her grief. Going from one minute to be on the high road to stardom and now being low is too much for him to see in her. Can he be there for Tessa when she keeps saying she wants to be left alone? Can he help her be the perfect woman he sees in his eyes when she is giving up?

Oh my god I am so glad there is another Songbird Novel by Melissa Pearl. I so love this series and how everything comes around together. In the previous books we see glimpses of Tessa and Jimmy and love that we finally get to really know about them. I loved that Tessa gives her whole heart and Jimmy being the womanizer he is having a hard time dealing with love for the first time. The attraction between them is hot and have to say it is crazy Jimmy denies the love between them. I mean it is right of in the beginning this powerful attraction they have. Melissa Pearl has a hit again and just love that with each book she has this music playlist that brings her books to life. If you don`t fall for Jimmy and Tessa then you will fall for the music in the book will make you fall for Melissa`s imagination.


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