Hometown Heroes Book 3: Final Move by Victoria DeNault

Hometown Heroes Book 3: The Final Move by Victoria Denault 


December 8, 2015


Life shouldn`t be fucked up. Life should be good. Life shouldn`t be full of secrets, betrayal and most of all divorce. Well that is what Devin Garrison thought his life should be like. Nobody told him that his wife and mother of his child will be cheating on him and not loving him anymore. Nobody told him that his heart already belonged to someone else. Callie Caplan. The one girl who even now is more than just a friend to him. Somehow she is the only one who understands him in a way his wife, Ashley, never did before. Callie is the only one who knows what is going on with his life right now. He knows his family and brothers would be there for him but he doesn`t want to feel embarrassed among them. He is the responsible one and should have seen this coming. Callie is the only one who doesn`t make him feel like an idiot and yet being with her is making him want more than just friendship from her. Years ago he had one interlude with her and since then he has never forgotten her. 

Callie Caplan has one rule in life when it comes to men. Never sleep with them more than once. It is a rule that has protected her heart from being broken or in pain. A rule that lately when it comes to Devin Garrison is becoming hard to keep. Years ago she had one interlude with him in a barn and has never forgotten of what could have been. He is the only man to get under her skin and she doesn`t like it one bit. Fate, however, gave him a woman to bear a child for him. A woman who should have loved him forever but fate  didn`t want that right now. Now it is up to Callie to make sure Devin is there for his son. She never imagined herself as a mother or a one man type of a girl yet things are changing. Can she be there for Devin when he really needs her?

In one word AWESOME..I have waited for Devin and Callie`s story since the first one from Victoria DeNault. I loved that we finally see what happened after the barn incident between them. Callie throughout all the books seemed like a tough chick and never knew what made her like this until now. Victoria DeNault just blew me away with their story and loved the chemistry between them never faltered. I loved that though it was Devin and Callie`s story we were able to see what has happened to the other characters like Jesse, Jordan, Cole, Luc, Rose and Leah it was so wonderful to read about them in this book. So loved it and cannot wait what else Victoria has in store for us. Definitely the book to get this Christmas. Loved it.


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