Not Looking for Love Box Set by Lena Bourne

Not Looking for Love by Lena Bourne

479 pages


3 moons

Trainwreck is what Gail`s life has become since she found out her mother has cancer. Everything in her life has been centered on her mother. Memories of happier times invade her life right now. She has no time for life just wants one more day with her. Gail used to be a good person. School was her thing not having one night stands with the help. No her life was in being good Yet with everything happening the only thing that makes her life feel normal is being with Scott. He is the gardner of her best friend and being with him makes her for one night forget that her mom is dying. She may seem like a bitch to everybody but how can a daughter continue with the only person to ever love her for who she is die.

Scott has been with women before some beautiful and some  crazy but never all in one like Gail. She is his employees best friend and yet he cannot stop thinking about her. He has other things he needs to concentrate on and dealing with Gail is not something he needs right now. His family may be dysfunctional but right now it is his brother he is dealing. All he wants is things to be normal but one job is never enough for him. Sometimes life gives you lemons and it is up to you to make lemonade no matter how difficult that person can be. He knows Gail is perfect for him yet no matter how hard he tries to stay away from her he comes back to her. Scott has no idea what she is going through only knows they complete one another in every way. Can he be with her when his own life is going under?

When I got this book I expected a lot from the back blurb yet sadly it lacked for me.  Throughout the whole book I wanted more of Scott and Gail. I mean Scott is strong in the book and determined to make things right but Gail just to me seemed so whiny. It`s like okay we understand about your mom but she seemed just so stuck in that scene. I kept waiting for a change in her but she never changed which just annoyed me. Hoping the next books by this author would be a lot better just didn`t feel anything for this one and really hoped it would have by the end.


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