Protecting His Assets J.K. Coi

Protecting his Assets by J.K. Coi 

185 pages

3 moons

Steve Nolan`s life is in in trouble. Someone has been sending him threatening letters and his partner looks for help to protect him. As a wealthy man Steve knows how to watch over himself but now that he is rich everybody wants something of him. He knows he is being stubborn about having a bodyguard for he doesn`t see any danger. Everything changes though when meets April Porter. Steve is not only wealthy but somewhat of a womanizer and has had his share of beautiful women. Yet something about April is the opposite of what he has been with lately. She is stubborn, persistent in protecting him and doesn`t care about his wealth. Can he trust her with his life and just treat this as a busineess relationship?

April Porter is not your usual bodyguard. Coming from the FBI she is trained to be strong, stubborn and never get her heart in the way. Yet something about Steve Nolan is making her rethink about continuing with the job. Not only is it important but it will help with the finances especially for her father. What was supposed to be just a job is turning to something she never expected and it scares her. With everything that is happening with her father she knows one night with Steven will be distracting but can she continue with the job.

This is the first I have read from J.K. Coi and have to say I`m torn in half. There were parts I liked about especially April trying her hardest with Steven. Yet the other half felt there wasn`t enough about Steve. I mean all we know is someone is threatening him but not his background. Don`t get me wrong the chemistry between them is good yet felt it lacked for me in the storyline.


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