Christmas at Seashell Cottage by Donna Alward

Christmas at Seashell Cottage by Donna Alward

198 pages

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Charlie Yang never imagined herself as a mother. As a doctor definitely but not in a small town like Jewell Cove. Her whole life has been centered in working in a busy hospital not a small clinic. It was supposed to be just a temporary job but the more she stays she is wondering will she ever be satisfied again. Christmas is supposed to be a time for reflection yet knowing that something as small as a baby can change everything is beyond her. She expected a lot of things this year but rescuing a baby was not one of the things. As a doctor she knows how to make people feel better but it takes ex Seal Dave Ricker to show her she can be loving and affectionate. Can she figure out what to do before the New Year?

Life as a Navy Seal is all he knows what to do. Christmas was never his thing but something about finding a baby abandoned and a woman who is screaming for some loving is making him antsy. He was never known to be patient and loving but something about being there for Charlie puts a yearning in him he never expected. Being with Charlie is making him see what a life with a family is like and now a life without them in it is too much. He has no idea how to deal with babies by himself but Charlie is worth staying. Christmas is supposed to be about miracles never thought it will also be of having a second chance.

One thing I love the most about Donna Alwards books is that you never miss the love there is in every of her books. I loved that here is a woman who is in her life right now at a crossroads. Charlie has no idea what to do and I can definitely relate to her. She has everything going for her but like everything else in life is tired. What she thought was a good life is not what she thought would satisfy her forever. Now Dave is the perfect guy to make her see what has been missing all her life.These two might have started as strangers yet it is a small innocent person that makes them see what has really been missing in their lives. It may be Christmas a season of miracles but Donna Alward brought them also second chances at what life can really be like with real love. Loved it.


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