Walsh Series Book 2: The Space Between by Kate Canterbary

Walsh Series Book 2: The Space Between by Kate Canterbary 

410 pages

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Andy Asanti loves her work yet lately it has been tough. It`s not the work but her boss, well one of the 4 bosses she sees everyday. At the first meeting she knows a man like Patrick Walsh will always be on her mind. She has no idea why she is attracted to him or the chemistry between them. One minute they are arguing and the next they are kissing. He is everything she should stay away from yet cannot stop the attraction between them. Something about Patrick just gets to her and no matter how tough and silent he may be in the company he is passionate with her. They call him Optimus for everyone in the Walsh company has a nickname but she doesn`t see him like that at all. She knows she may seem exotic to others yet with Patrick she feels special and loved. Working in this company and with Patrick has always been her dream. Yet like all dreams it will fade. Can she convince Patrick that she is not like a teenager with lusty fantasies but a woman who works hard and series about her job.

Patrick Walsh is going crazy. He knows at times he seems rude, disruptive and angry all the time. Yet Shannon, his sister, is once again trying to hire someone to be his apprentice. He doesn`t need anyone especially someone who is distracting him with beauty, intellect and lips he wants to kiss forever. Andy is everything he should stay away from but cannot deny the attraction any longer. If his family found out about them it will never be the same. Andy, however is not a woman to be shy away from and the more he`s with her it is becoming hard to imagine a life without her now. Architect has always been his life and yet being with Andy he is seeing things through his eyes he has never seen before. She comes from a big family and he well comes from a dysfunctional one because of his bastard father. He knows Shannon means well in hiring Andy but how long can he go before she totally captures his whole world.

Okay I have to say at first I didn`t like Patrick but he did avenge himself. I loved that even though on the outside he seems tough, brooding and oh so handsome it takes a strong woman like Andy to make him see love is possible. His childhood is one that is not what kids should have had in their lives. Being with Andy is making him see that he doesn`t always have to be tough and problematic. He can have fun with the right woman by him and even though it scares him he is determined to make things right. Kate Canterbary just shows each Walsh sibling has their own demons to get through whether it seems small or big. I loved that even though they are tough and sexy as hell when it comes to the right person they are teddybears. Loved it and cannot wait for Shannon`s story and Sams.


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