Walsh Series Book 4: Cornerstone by Kate Canterbary

Walsh Series Book 4: Cornerstone by Kate Canterbary

502 pages



Shannon Walsh is on the borderline of going crazy. She is literally at the point where she will soon become cat lady considering all her brothers are in love heck even one of them is married. For years she has been the one woman fo them all. The one to protect, care and watch over them. Seeing that they are with someone to do those things is just tearing her apart. They call her the Black Widow but deep down she is a crying mess. It takes a real strong man to put up with her shit and Will Halstead is making it a point to be that man no matter what she says. Every time she goes to him Shannon comes back all shaken up and yet she feels alive with him. A woman like her with responsibilities and work should not be into his rough, bossy and oh so scintilating sex. Yet how can you say no to a Navy Seal who is the only man to tell her how it is where others are scared with her.

Will Halstead still doesn`t under how her sister can marry into the Walsh family but is thankful for meeting Shannon. Here is one woman who no matter how many times she says no to him he cannot stay away. As a Navy Seal he has gone into combat, shot people then ask questions later so with Shannon it seemed like a piece of cake. Most women would just say hell yeah and not question his motives. Yet with Shannon it feels like he is going into battle every day with her and he loves it. Shannon is the first woman to not be afraid of him and fighting at every turn. The passion between them is explosive and though it started of as scheduled sex he wants more now. Can he convince his Black Widow that no matter what the battle is together they will win?

Three books it took us to get to Shannon and have to say finally. In the first  three books we saw snippets of her and boy she definitely is tough all the way. Here is a woman who because of a shitty father she is traumatized and victimized. She had to grow up fast to protect her family and she is determined to be there for them no matter the situation. I loved that Will came in battling her walls and not taking no for anything. The explosive sex between them is freaking hot and man have to say if Shannon said no one more time this woman will take Will. Shannon is a tough cookie and have to say Kate Canterbary just wowed me with her. She is tough, smart and feisty yet it takes a really strong man like Will to fight through everything to show love does exist for her. Loved it and cannot wait for Erin and Riley`s stories now love this family.


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