The Billion Dollar Player by Mandy Baxter

The Billionaire Dollar Player by Mandy Baxter

88 pages

Ebook and Print

4 moons

The Billion Dollar Blackwell they all know and want him and his money. Yet nobody knows the real Jase Blackwell and that he`s not just any football jock. No instead he is a cowboy at heart not all into the partying, booze or rounds of women he should be doing like any other football player. Because of his family he has to work harder than ever no matter that he could buy himself a spot. Everybody expects him to get the easy life but that is what he is not. Jase is a man who works hard to get what he deserves not to rely on his money. Problem is that even though he comes from money not everybody cares about it which is making his job in seducing the waitress Avery Lockhart harder than ever. She is like a fresh of breath air and this intrigues him more than ever. Avery is unlike any woman he has come to know and the feelings she invokes in him are scary. Can he a player who is great in the game get the biggest score in his life?

Avery Lockhart is a woman who is just trying to survive each day. Working as a waitress at the parties that freaking great football player like Jase Blackwell gives every other weekend is the biggest pay she can get right now. She has seen the type of women he has been associated with and is surprised that his attentions are now towards her. All Avery wants is to finish the job she is not set to be a players lucky charm. Yet the more time she spends with Jase she is coming to learn about the real football player that he is. Avery knows a man like him coming from money is only on getting his kicks but will she survive after the game is over.

Once again Mandy Baxter is blowing my mind with these brothers. I love that Jase is the youngest yet works hard to be the man he is destined to be. On the outside he may seem like a regular football jock but there is so much about him. Avery now is totally the opposite of what he is surrounded with in his life and seem so opposite. They have nothing in common yet when they come together their love towards one another is awesome. This is book 2 and already the Blackwells are becoming so much fun to read. Each brother has their own storyline and Jase was just great to read about for he is much more than a player he is truly a country boy at heart. Loved it.


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