The Billionaire Heartbreaker by Mandy Baxter

The Billionaire Heartbreaker by Mandy Baxter

108 pages

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Tavis Christensen is a modern day manwhore. Every week is a new woman in his life. Nobody takes him seriously unless you are family. The only thing that is important in his life is his love for hockey. He is the best player out there and lately his teammates are getting tired of his wild life. With no choice at all he is stuck with a PR woman name Reily Martin. He knows in his gut he doesn`t need a babysitter yet looking at Reily for the first time he is having second thoughts. It started off a means for her to get a break in her business yet lately Tavis is sensing she is much more than a businesswoman. He nows his reputation is on the line but he wants to be a better man for his family and now for Reily. Can he prove to her that he is serious in making a great name for himself?

Reily Martin is a woman who is just trying to make an honest living. Her big break if she suceeds is to make Tavis Christensen a name brand and not a brand associating to well a womanizer. His team needs him to be solid and not distracted with women, booze and parties. She knows he is into hot, voluptious, sexy women so it is quite a surprise he is interested in her. The chemistry between them is hot and explosive but she cannot get distracted no matter how hot kisses are to her. What started off as a game to him to play along her demands is becoming to be more than just a job to them.  Just when she thinks she has him figured out their romance is leaked and now she is worried of her job. Can he be the man she needs in her life?

I so love Mandy Baxter`s Billion Dollar series. Here are three brothers all rich, sexy and famous yet have their own heartaches. I loved that in the beginning Tavish is a womanizer not caring who he hurts or parties yet it takes a strong woman like Reily to make him see how fast he`s going downhill. I loved that no matter what brother it is Mandy takes her time to really get us to know about each of them. Tavis just stole my heart and his reasons why he is what he is. The romance between them is beyond hot it is explosive between them. Cannot wait for the other brothers stories in this series. Loved it.


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