Hard to Forget by Bella Jewel

Hard to Forget by Bella Jewel

200 pages




Delaney is a bodyguard well trying to be one but her associates don`t believe she`s got what she needs to be one. Her boss Nak has one job for her and that is to protect billionaire Jaxson Shields. He is a man who owns multiple hotels and for being in the wrong place needs protection now more than ever. Someone wants him dead and she is the only one for the job. This is her time to shine yet nobody told her about the attraction that hits her. Everybody even her partner Kyle are just waiting to see her fail. Yet throughout the night shifts and being with Jax she is seeing a different kind of man. In the beginning he is the arrogant, brooding and asshole of a guy and doesn`t want anything to do with her but like all strong men it takes a strong woman to bring them down their knees.  The closer they get to finding out who wants Jax deads it is going to take all of Delaney`s willpower to not fall for him. Can she survive her first job and be the bodyguard she needs to be stronger than ever?

Jaxson Shields has seen a lot of things in his life and has had to work harder than ever to be where he is right now. Through all of this he is determined to be on his own not caring who gets in his way. That was until he meets Delaney. He cannot believe this woman will be the one to protect him a man of his height and build. Yet he is seeing just how strong she is but the chemistry between them is too much. He is not a man to fall easily but something about Delaney is making him see what has been missing from his life. Love is not something he ever expected in his life and definitely not a woman like Delaney to turn his life upside down. Someone is determined to get him out of the way and though Delaney is set to protect him he is determined to make sure she is safe at all times. Can he a man who has never needed anyone in his life be the man Delaney needs to cherish, love and be the bodyguard she needs in her life forever?

I have to say Bella Jewel just keeps me in suspense everytime she has a new book out to be published. Ever since her first book, Hard to Break, I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for her next one. Not once has she failed in her books to disappoint and Jaxsons story just wow. Each book shows characters that are coldhearted, no love yet it takes a strong woman or man to make them see what has been missing. The chemistry between Jax and Delaney is like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Bella Jewel just freaking rocks each time she writes a book and have to say this one was just wow. Jax is definitely one hot sex on a stick guy I wouldn`t mind getting to know. Delaney is so perfect for him for she takes no shit from him and this is like a kick to him. Here is a guy who with just one glance will have a woman`s panties down and a kiss from him wowza. These two are just awesome to read and have to say Bella Jewel not only blew my mind in this book but now anxiously waiting for her next one. Bella Jewel is an author that you can count on the sex being explosive, the suspense putting you on the edge of your seat and the characters just memorable. Loved it.


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