Runaway Heart by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel

Runaway Heart by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel

272 pages


4 moons

Hannah Adamson is a maneater. She doesn`t do relationships or is into committments like other girls. In a way she finds it funny that there are girls who go all gooey eye over a man. For years she has seen her mother be stupid with a man when it comes towards love. No way is love for her. So even though love does come for her best friend, Maggie, she is supportive for her even to the point of being her maid of honor. Yet going to an island to see her happiness fulfilled she never expected her life to change towards the best man. Hannah never had a time with a guy that she felt safe, comforted and for the first time showing her real self. Everything about the British guy, Ed shows he is different from other men she has known in her life. Maggie says when love strikes it is like lightning but it takes a hurricane to make Hannah see why her life lately feels like she is missing something. Being with Ed she is feeling that anything is possible and this scares her. She doesn`t want to be in love for it destroys you. Problem is that being with Ed she is wondering if maybe she is seeing love all wrong all these years. Can she trust him with her heart for the first time?

Ed Alcott believes in love and loves the feeling about it when it is good with the right person. Years ago he thought he found it with a woman name Monica but fate has something greater in store for him. He never thought though that a woman as beautiful, sexy and so loving like Hannah doesn`t believe in it at all. She is everything he has been looking for in a woman and is determined to make sure she is loved in every way. He knows she is tough in the outside and it is the inside he is wanting to see more than ever. Being stuck in a hurricane is making him realize that somewhere along the line she stole his heart. Even though they are an ocean away she is all he thinks about it. The pain he felt with Monica after getting dumped doesn`t compare to the pain he feels right now waiting for his Hannah. Love is eternal and with patience anything is possible yet how long will it take for love to grow with Hannah.

I have to say when I got this book I thought intriguing. At first I was a little confused about the whole roller derby thing but once Sonya Loveday continued it totally made sense. I loved that Hannah is a woman who because of circumstances had to build a strong backbone hence the roller derby skating. She may be tough and yes a little weary towards men but she has her reasons. Now Ed is perfect for her in a way that they share a connection only they can understand. Sonya Loveday shows us that no matter how much we hear we are not meant for love it takes a strong man to show anything is possible. Sonya Loveday not only brings love to life but shows us that we can overcome anything and love can make us stronger than ever. Loved it.


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