Second Circle Tattoos Book 2: The Fractured Heart by Scarlett Cole

Second Circle Tattoos Book 2: Fractured Heart by Scarlett Cole

283 pages

Ebook and Print

St. Martin`s Press



Brody “Cujo“ Matthews is a ladies man and knows how to use his sexual charms. He is basically a bed em and leave em guy not into white picket fences and marriage. No his perfect night will be to just fuck em and never call them again. Yet everything changes when his best friend, Trent meets Harper and he meets her best friend, Drea. He knew right away one she is not your ordinary friend. Instead she is determined to put him in his place and insult him in every way. As women go Cujo knows how to give them a good time and Drea definitely needs a good time in her life. Not only is she strong, humble but takes no shit from anybody especially from him. Cujo knows he can never give her the life she secretly dreams of having but he cannot stay away from her. Not only he`s got to help her plan his best friends engagement party but must be strong and not give in to temptation. As a tatoo artist he knows he doesn`t come off as an easy guy but being with Drea makes him wish for the impossible. Can he prove to his Drea that he is the right man for her whether she is weak, scared, strong or just need someone to lean on to?

Drea Caron is a good daughter. Or so she keeps telling herself but there is only so much one daughter can do. For years she has tried to be there for her mom but lately she is wishing for the unthinkable. Her whole life has been centered on caring for her mother and her medication. She has forgotten what it feels like to be free and just herself. She knows love exists but feels her mother has forgotten what that is like. Not only she has to deal with making sure she has another day with her mother but someone is out to get her. Drea knows there is an innocent woman out there needing help and yet she is the one who needs the most help. Being with Brody and his friends is making her see how alone she really is in life. It has always been Drea the strong, Drea the responsible one never Drea the loved one. Being with Brody though is making her see there are a lot of things in her life she has missed. When the time is near can she be strong again for her mother or will she finally break down.

Okay I have to say when I read the first one in this hot series I thought no way can Scarlett Cole outshine the first one. I have to say she came real close in The Fractured Heart with Cujo and Drea. I loved the whole cat and mouse game between these two but it was so obvious what was going to happen. One thing I loved though was Cujo. Here is a guy who in the outside is a big, brooding and hot as hell man yet inside he is a vulnerable pussy cat. Drea is exactly what he needs and being herself scares the hell out of him. He is known to just bed any woman yet with Drea he feels like the old Cujo before his well condition. Scarlett Cole just blew me away in this book with their hot chemistry yet felt there should have been so much more of Cujo. I mean we knew why Drea is the way she is but felt there were pieces of Cujo that needed to be said. All in all this is a great series and cannot wait for Pixie`s story in this hot and sexy series.



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