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Snowflake Wishes by Maggie McGinnis

Snowflake Wishes by Maggie McGinnis

93 pages


3 1/2 moons

Piper Bellini loves Christmas and the holiday magic but despises the Snowflake ball. Every year she is stuck going hoping for her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. Problem is that Prince Charming did come and left her for his own adventure.  Even after seven years the heartache is still there and more than ever the love for Noah Drake. She knows that if he ever came back she would not be able to survive. It is another holiday another dance where again she waits for Prince Charming. Everybody around her has found love and their happily ever afters wondering when will it be her turn.

There are many things that Noah Drake regrets in life and Piper is one big regret. He knew years ago when he left that she would always be in his heart. Coming back to his hometown he expected a lot of things to have changed but not his Piper. Gone is the young girl he fell for and now is a woman who is scared of love. She used to be all into love and now because of him she is weary of it. As a man who has climbed mountains, white water rafted and sky dived failing with Piper though is not something he is looking forward to again. Coming back was supposed to be just a quick trip he didn`t expect to loose his heart again with a woman who still has his heart. Can he prove to Piper that he is different and that she is the greatest adventure he has been looking for all these years?

Maggie McGinnis has done it again in bringing us back to this little town where Christmas is not just a magical holiday. It is for everyone a chance to have love and hope again. I loved that no matter how many years has passed Piper still kept on the hope of love with her Noah. Maggie McGinnis shined in this book though it was a short story there was tons of love and hope between Noah and Piper. I loved it and cannot wait to come back to this town for there is more than just Christmas magic at this place.

All Thats Unforeseen by Constance Phillips

All That`s Unforeseen by Constance Phillips

183 pages


4 moons

She always wanted kids and a real family with her husband. Yet she never expected her life to be like this with a child having Muscular Dystrophy knowing that any day now her son will not be alive.  Life should have been with happiness, love and a person to lean on yet for Marilynn the only person she has to lean on is herself. Marriage with Dan should have been forever but knowing his son was going to die was too much for him. Now when she thinks life can not bring more surprises a man from her past comes back in a time when she really needs it. Eli was the only good thing when she was married to Dan for he was the friend everyone had fun with and relied on. Seeing him again when all she wants to do is give up is not what she saw in her life happening. She has no time right now for romance for her son needs her even though in her heart she just wants one day where she can be free. Can she be a good mother to a son who doesn`t have that many days to live when her hearts wants to be loved and protected?

Eli has always been there for Marilynn secretly envying his best friend Dan. His best friend had it all the woman Eli loves and fantasized to even the little boy he dreamed of having with her. Problem is his best friend is an idiot and now he is ready to show Marilynn his true affections. He knows she has had it tough considering the illness her son has right now but still sees the girl he fell in love with in school. Eli has come a long way lately and is determined to show her she is not alone in this world. Having her and Joss in his life is like living the life he dreamed of having all those years ago as her husband and being a father. Eli knows she is dealing with her son`s illness as best as she can but wants to be there for her in every way. Muscular Dystrophy is a serious illness but if it means giving Joss a chance at living and Marilynn a sense of knowing she is not alone is something he is not going to pass up. They are his family in every way and Eli is determined to prove to them he is not going anywhere no matter if it gets tough.

This is the first I have read of Constance Phillips and have to say this is a series definitely interested in right now. I loved that throughout the book Joss is the one who is holding it together. This poor boy is struck with an illness no little boy should go through but is staying strong for his mother, Marilynn. The love he has and the determination to put his feelings and fear aside is wow. The attraction between Marilynn and Eli is a romance that has been in the making throughout the years. Started as friendship and bloomed to a love she never expected to have again in her life considering everything that is going on right now with Joss. Constance Phillips did a beautiful job in showing us that love can come in every form, shape, time and unexpected in most cases. Great book and more in this series to come.

Hollywood Stardust Book 1: Typecast by Kim Carmichael

Hollywood Stardust Book 1: Typecast by Kim Carmichael

380 pages

Kindle Press


3 1/2 moons

Imagine a movie where there are four people, best friends three guys and a girl. A movie where it showed a young girl who captured the heart of two boys yet didn`t want any of them but the one friend who would never get the girl. Imagine one of those friends you knew so well become the villain to everybody else except you. This is the story of Logan aka Steven in the movie called Hollywood Stardust. A movie that is coming back to life 20 years after it ended and one reporter who captures the villain`s heart. To everybody else Logan is and always will be the bad guy except to two people who really know the truth. He swore years ago that nobody would know the real story except one woman who not only watched the movie but has a thesis for college. Ivy is one woman who he cannot ignore no matter how hard he tries. She is like a slice of heaven in a world he shunned years ago for the Hollywood scene was never his thing like his co-stars. No matter how hard he tries she is persistent in finding out why he never agreed on the sequel and getting under his skin.

Ivy has dreamed and fantasized about this moment since she was a teenager. Like every teenager that was glued to the movie, Hollywood Stardust, she was a hardcore fan even to this day. Knowing that it has been 20 years since the movie ended everybody wants to know what really happened to the sequel that never happened. Who wanted out? Who was really the villain? What happened to Steven when he drove away? Everybody even to this day still sees Logan as the villain but in Ivy`s heart he is the hero. Like her he is the odd one and yet in a way she feels closer to him then the other stars in the movie. Logan understands her in a way no one has ever done before and this scares her. People think he is the reason the sequel was never done but along the way getting to know him through the interview of a web blog she is finding out that like Hollywood not all is it seems. The real Logan is what makes her wonder what is she really working for is it for a career she has dreamed of or a fantasy she never expected to happen?

This is the first I have read from Kim Carmichael and have to say at first it was intriguing yet for me it fell short. In the beginning knowing who Logan really was in the movie was great but have to say the flashbacks before the chapters just started getting tiresome. It was okay at first but felt it distracted from the real story. Don`t get me wrong Ivy was great to read about even though she tries so hard to be a good reporter she just didn`t seem all into it. Have to say Logan felt there should have been more for this guy. I mean we know the part he played in the movie but what led him out of the movie just seemed to jump forward to quick for this reader. There is Book 2 hoping it is better and maybe more of these characters then what we got in the first book. In a way it just seemed like too Beverly Hills 90210 with a modern twist in this book. There was just too much that felt unanswered and seemed like the whole book was about Erin and not Logan.

Hollywood Stardust Book 2: Limelight by Kim Carmichael

Hollydwood Stardust Book 2: Limelight by Kim Carmichael

453 pages

Irksome Rebel Press


3 moons

20 years ago she met the man of her life and for the first time fell in love. 20 years ago she broke her loves heart and since then has been in a daze. Everybody wanted to be her, Erin Holland star of Hollywood Stardust. Everybody except her who all she wanted was to be the woman who finally got the guy. She knew in her heart Drew was the one for her but was afraid to really give her whole heart. Now with the anniversary of the movie that changed everybody`s life she is still pining and hoping Drew will come back. Erin knows that back then she was silly and stupid for letting a man like Drew get away and is determined to find him even if it means letting the world know who Erin Holland really is. 20 years may have passed but knowing that Drew might still love her is something she is not going to pass again this time.

Drew Fulton has never forgotten about her. Even now 20 years later she is still in his heart and in his life. He swore years ago when she rejected his love he will not come running back to her. Yet here he is now on the anniversary of the movie that not only ruined and changed his life drastically to finally talk to her. Erin Holland not your usual girl to fall in love but his heart wants her. It has been years since he last saw her but the love he has for her has never been extinguished. Drew knows it is a mistake to let her back in his life but he`s not the adolescent and naive boy he used to be. A brokenheart can change and define who you want to be from being an actor to a biochemist to maybe getting the girl of your dreams again. 20 years and the love is still there no matter how hard he denies it Erin is and will always be the one for him. Can he the man he is now yet balance his normal life and the Hollywood drama that comes with his leading lady?

So after reading Typecast the first in the Hollywood Stardust series I was intrigued about Drew. I mean here is a movie that in a way changed everybody and made them who they are right now. Erin always dreamed of being an actress and even now she is still trying to become a star. Hollywood Stardust was in a way a culture change for not only the stars in the movie but everybody else. The movie showed 4 people who by all counts had it all but it is the naive, innocent girl in the movie who never got what she really wanted, Drew. Now we jump to the present and see the girl still didn`t get the boy of her dreams. It takes a long time for Drew to decide what he really wants and letting go of his fears. I have to say it took a while for me to get into Erin for no matter how hard she tried she just didn`t seem likeable. In a way I expected her to mature and be the woman Drew really needed yet somehow and not sure why Drew saw past her facade. All in all have to say it was okay not worth reading again though to me the flashbacks just got in the way for me didn`t see a point in putting it in the book for me. I wanted more of Erin and the Hollywood girl she acted in the book but never seemed to get away from it.


Forgotten Promises by Jessica Lemmon

Forgotten Promises by Jessica Lemmon

193 pages

Ebook and Print

Loveswept Books

4 moons

How far would you go to get revenge on the man who should have protected and loved you? How far would it take you to find solace in knowing you finally fulfilled a promise?

It was her 21st birthday and she is ready to finally go all the way with her boyfriend. Problem is that fate brings Morgan a man from her past that she never really has forgotten about to this day. Everybody had told her he is trouble, psychotic and a criminal. Yet he is the one man who rescued her from an almost rape years ago but never got the chance to thank him. Seeing him again was something she never expected to happen but somehow Tucker got under her skin again. Morgan knows somewhere inside this criminal is the nice man who rescued her from pain and heartache. With nowhere else to go she is learning to lean on Tucker in a way she never expected to happen. Being with him and hearing about the stuff he went through and his goal to accomplish is something she will never forget. It might be a case of Stockholms syndrom but Morgan knows Tucker is a man you never forget. Can she help him when he really needs her?

For years Tucker has waited to finally fulfill his promise to his brother, Jeremy. He swore that the person who was supposed to love and protect him will not walk free anymore. Problem is in order for his plan to work he needs his, Angel. Morgan is everything that has been missing from his life which is something pure, nice and loving. Seeing her again after all these years still beautiful and angelic to him makes him see what has been missing from his life. In a way he knows he is acting like a monster like the other one in what he is doing to Morgan but he has no other choice. He tried to keep to the plan but one touch from her and he is under her spell. Always hating the touch of another her touch is like heaven which scares him right now. His goal is to finally give peace to his mom and brother not fall for the victim. Can he make her see what his life was like without seeing disgust, hatred and fear in her eyes?


Okay have to say this was different from Jessica Lemmon`s other books and it was tough at first  for me. Took me a while to really get into Tucker felt like it just jumped into the present without really any backlog until towards the middle of the book. I was intrigued how this man who by all counts is a criminal but had reasons for the way he is now. When he starts telling his story it was hard to see how he endured and Jessica Lemmon pulled no stops at it making us see he is a man who does not forget the pain brought to him and his family. Morgan now seemed okay just didn`t feel anything for her story she just well seemed like a listening board to Tucker. Took a while for their romance but the chemistry is definitely there and knowing in this case it is the man who is learning to love for the first time was sweet in a way. Seeing Tucker react to love and the feelings it comes with was like an awakening to him in a sense that he has never felt love in his life. A little hard to read about but then again Jessica Lemmon shines in this type of storylines where she pulls you in and grabs your curiousity till the end making you well want more of the characters. Loved it.



Sebastian Bennett is a determined man. It’s the secret behind the business empire he built from scratch. Under his rule, Bennett Enterprises dominates the jewelry industry. Despite being ruthless in his work, family comes first for him, and he’d do anything for his parents and eight siblings—even if they drive him crazy sometimes. . . like when they keep nagging him to get married already.

Sebastian doesn’t believe in love, until he brings in external marketing consultant Ava to oversee the next collection launch. She’s beautiful, funny, and just as stubborn as he is. Not only is he obsessed with her delicious curves, but he also finds himself willing to do anything to make her smile.

He’s determined to have Ava, even if she’s completely off limits.
Ava Lindt has one job to do at Bennett Enterprises: make the next collection launch unforgettable. Daydreaming about the hot CEO is definitely not on her to-do list. Neither is doing said CEO. The consultancy she works for has a strict policy—no fraternizing with clients. She won’t risk her job. Besides, Ava knows better than to trust men with her heart.

But their sizzling chemistry spirals into a deep connection that takes both of them by surprise.

Sebastian blows through her defenses one sweet kiss and sinful touch at a time. When Ava’s time as a consultant in his company comes to an end, will Sebastian fight for the woman he loves or will he end up losing her?



I have to say after reading Layla Hagen`s books before I am already loving the Bennett Family series and this is just the first book about Sebastian and Ava. I loved that Layla not only brought us these two but the whole family as well letting us see of what is to come. The attraction between Ava and Sebastian not only was hot but it was like stars colliding. These two not only completed each other but in a way it seemed right she came to work for them. I loved that no matter how hard Sebastian denies he is in love he cannot fight it anymore. Cannot wait though for more of the Bennetts especially Logan`s story. I mean Layla just enchanted me with this beautiful family cannot wait for what else she has in store for this family.


I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later. I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world. And I drink coffee. Lots of it


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Text Me by Erin Bevan

Text Me by Erin Bevan

64 pages

The Wild Rose Press


January 27, 2016

3 moons

Erika hates texting. She has no idea why people text especially when you can talk on the phone or instant messaging. More importantly she hates it because it is the last way she communicated with  the guy she thought was the one. Erika still has no idea how or why he broke up with her. Everything was going great for her besides the break up. Yeah she is working the same place as her ex but he is in another department or so she thought. It has been months she has directly talked and seen him but fate has something in store for her. Knowing he has been promoted to her department she must think of something to make him see what he left behind. Can she go on on with another man knowing he might still be interested in her?

Grayson knows he made a mistake with the text. He has no idea why he did and for the past months is trying to make things right. Problem is Erika doesn`t want anything to do with him now. As an adult he knows breaking up with her through a text is the shittiest and stupidest thing he has ever done to a woman. Now that fate has stepped in for him he is determined to get his Erika back even if it involves texting again. Just when he thinks his time has passed knowing she has a boyfriend might have ruined his plans but once again fate is on his side to get them together. Can he make things right this time and get the woman of his dreams?

Okay have to say at first I was like what and really hoped it would have picked up for me but nothing. I mean at first it sounded great but just didn`t have that storyline I was looking for in a romantic comedy. Just seemed to straight forward no suspense to it. I mea don`t get me wrong I felt for Erika with her breakup but felt there should have been more to his reason for it. What should have been funny in this book just didn`t seem like it at all. It just didn`t fly for me which should have been better with the blurb yet lacked in so many ways for me.

Pulled by A.L. Jackson

Pulled by A.L. Jackson

355 pages

Ebook and Print



They were young when they met. It was a chance meeting when he first saw her with his sister at their house a time when everything else changed in their lives. Everybody around them told him they were young to fall in love and marriage. Yet in Daniel Montgomery`s heart she was and is still the one he has always loved. Melanie Winters is a woman who entered his life and not only turned it upside down but also his heart. Melanie is the one thing that not only changed him but everything he thought about life. They had it all from love, friendship to even a family together yet fate changed everything. Years later he has never forgotten about her and it is fate again that brings them together in a way he never expected. Problem is that she is different now and it breaks his heart right now. Gone is the funny, adventurous and loving woman in place now is one who doesn`t  smile anymore and looks like life was sucked out of her. Married to another man he knows is not the one for he is determined to get his Melanie back no matter the cost. Can he get the woman that was and is still in his heart back in his life?

How can you describe the love of your life? How can you describe the best years of your life where you felt so alive nothing else mattered but being with the one man who loved you more than their own life? That is something that Melanie Winters is wondering about after all these years. Her life is different from what she used to be like before tragedy struck. She used to be fun, loving but most of all she had Daniel in her life. Married now to a man who took advantage of a heartbroken and naive girl she is trying to make her marriage work yet her heart still belongs to Daniel. Even now she had no idea how much her life can change in a minute or in this case a dinner meet. Daniel is everything she still wants in a man and seeing him again is bringing back all the memories and love she thought was tucked away. She knows he has questions about what happened years ago when she left but can she go through the past again without breaking down. Can she continue on a marriage that should never happened and get back the love of her life again?

I have to say I love when I get a chance to read about a new author and boy I was enchanted with A.L. Jackson. Right from the beginning you can tell this is more than a boy meeting his first love. It is about a boy meeting the woman of his dreams and getting her back for a chance of happiness forever. A chance that because of tragedy and secrets was taken away from them. I loved that no matter what happened Daniel is determined to get Melanie back in his life even if it means tearing up a marriage. The pain and heartache that Melanie went through was devastating and what she is going through now just heartbreaking. A.L. Jackson just wowed me in this book and seeing that they might have a chance again was me jumping up and down for these two are so in love even years apart the love they have never faded. It was awesome and cannot wait what else A.L. Jackson has coming up.

Dare River Book 4: The Promise of Rainbows by Ava Miles

Dare River Book 4:  The Promise of Rainbows by Ava Miles

319 pages




Jake Lassiter has it all. He fought in the Army, came back home alive, has great friends in Dare River and he`s a famous country world singer. Yet with all these great things happening in his life he is a broken man in his eyes. Five years it has been since he lost his best friend and since then he has not been able to go on. Many times he asks GOD why him? Why he survived when he had nothing to come home and his best friend did have a family to come back for. Coming home should have given him a purpose in life a new beginning but instead only makes him feel alone, torn and most of all questioning GOD every time. Only bright spot lately has been his home decorator, Susannah McGuiness. She is everything he would have pursued if he was normal. In his heart with these demons inside him Jake knows he cannot be the man this beautiful lady deserves to be called as a lover or even as a husband.  PTSD is not something he dreamt of having in his life but he is determined with the hep of her mother, Reverend Louisa to beat it and work in being the man she deserves to have in her life. Can he make it to the promised land and get the happiness that his fellow friends didn`t get the chance to have?

Susannah McGuiness is a woman who has never questioned GOD or in her faith that things can be worked with his help. Jake Lassiter is a man who somehow has lost his path in his love. Helping him decorate his home was supposed to be a job but just a simple act of him holding her hands changes everything. She has never seen such a heartbroken and torn man like him before. Something inside her wants to more than help him in every way. Somehow she knows they are meant together and with the grace of GOD and her family Susannah is determined to make him see he is not broken at all. He says he doesn`t deserve to be alive and should have died with his fellow comrades but in her heart she knows GOD let him live for her. How can she a woman who has always had GOD by her side show Jake that the path to happiness is not the thought of being alive but basking in his grace and glory is what happiness is really about right now?

First off I have to say this was the toughest book I have read and reviewed. One thing I love about Ava Miles is that no matter the situation in her books there is a meaning to all of her books. From her other books we caught a glimpse of country singer, Jake Lassiter. Unlike Rye Crenshaw **still a favorite of mine** he is a troubled man who from the outside people see as a funny, sexy and hot singer. Yet in the inside he is breaking, crying and torn. I have to say Ava Miles and Susannah wow for being so strong with Jake and helping him. What made me cry for him and sadden was that along the way he lost his faith. PTSD of course is not something that escapes a soldier. If you are lucky to not get it that itself is a miracle. He has worked to be better but like all cases Jake feels like he is drowning and it takes Susannah to show him the path to GOD again. I loved Reverend Louisa, the mother of all mothers in this book showing him that he is not alone and everybody deserves a chance at happiness and find that rainbow of miracles GOD graces us with everyday. The attraction and chemistry between Jake and Susannah was so beautiful and no matter how many times Jake denies the love it takes her warmth, beauty and loving heart to prove to him he is not a lost case after all. Like I said before this was a tough book for me to review and read for it showcases so many things fellow soldiers are going through yet we don`t take the time to actually acknowledge what they are really going through. Ava Miles once again has proven that no matter the situation we are not broken or alone there is always a promise of happiness in every corner.

Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

448 pages

Ebook and Print

Harlequin Books

February 23, 2016

4 moons

Armie Jacobson loves to fight and never thought of exploiting his skills to the limelight. It is all he knows MMA fighting but everything changes when his best friends sister kisses him. Since the kiss he has not been able to concentrate on his fighting and it is taking a toll. Everybody tells him he needs to gain on the fame right now before it gets too late. His friends know he has the skills but lately he is wondering what is he fighting for right now. Someone though is making his life tough right now and the only person he wants to lean on is also the person he must stay away from right now, Merissa. She is more than a friend to him she is the woman of his dreams. Beautiful, sexy, hot and smarter than any of his friends and this scares him the most. Merissa is the only one who understands him and doesn`t judge him like other people.  Just when he thinks he might have a chance with her someone is wanting to bring him down for a mistake he had in the past. Can he overcome his past at last and have a future with the girl of his dreams?

Merissa Colter is tired of just being a friend. She is so past the friend zone and is determined to finally get her man. Problem is that no matter how hard she tries Armie backs away. Merissa knows he is her brother`s best friend but she wants more than just friendship for he is the only guy she fantasizes and dreams about right now. He is a fighter all the way but in her heart he is the guy who really knows and understands her. Everybody says he is tough, macho but deep down he is nice, caring, loving and more than a friend for her. Just when she finally has found a way to get her man someone from her past is determined to make her his. It takes one near death experience to make Armie see how important Merissa is to him but will it be enough for her to keep him forever?

I have to say I am loving Lori Foster`s MMA fighters not only for the sexual charms but man when they find someone to love they love all the way. I loved seeing that it wasn`t just Armie in the book but the others from her previous MMA books. The chemistry between Merissa and Armie is strong yet there were times Armie was a little slow. I wanted to slap Armie to get his head out of his ass lol for there were times it was obvious he belonged to Merissa but like any other man it takes him a while to get it through his head. Lori Foster never faltered in the book making me want her next one sooner than ever. This is more of just a man with great fighting skills but a chance for two people to get the happiness they both deserve in this book. Loved it.