Bennett Family Book 1: Your Irresistible Love by Layla Hagen

Bennett Family Book 1: Your Irresistible Love by Layla Hagen

Ebook and Print

Available January 15, 2016



Sebastian Bennett cares for his family and is loyal to them yet there are days where they just start becoming a nuisance. All he has been hearing lately is when is he going to settle down. It was okay when it was just his mom and sisters picking on him but now his father has turned to the dark side. He never expected the Patriarch of the Bennett clan will turn against him. His main thing right now is his company yet everything changes when they hire Ava Lindt. She is unlike any woman he has known before and this scares the shit out of him. He is known to be with women who want him for his money and nothing else. It started of as a challenge to get Ava to kiss him but it has gone more than a challenge now. Being with Ava it is making him see that love might be possible in his life. Maybe just maybe he can get the same love his parents has had shared for 36 years of marriage. Can he put his heart on the with a woman who is only going to be in his company for 4 months?

Ava Lindt is a firm believer in keeping her work life professional well until she started working for the Bennett family. For six years she has worked hard putting her personal life aside and finally getting all she deserves. Her mother was the only person to really love her and now that she is all alone Ava is seeing how deprived of love she had. Sure her mother loved her but being with Sebastian and his family is making her yearn for a family and love in her life. Mixing love with her business life is never good thing but no matter how hard she tries she cannot say no to Sebastian. She`s met all his family already and in a way wishes they were hers as well but knows that love is just a dream. Or is it? Can she have it all with Sebastian knowing that she will be putting her work on the line?

Okay I have to say after reading Layla Hagen`s books before I am already loving the Bennett Family series and this is just the first book about Sebastian and Ava. I loved that Layla not only brought us these two but the whole family as well letting us see of what is to come.  The attraction between Ava and Sebastian not only was hot but it was like stars colliding. These two not only completed each other but in a way it seemed right she came to work for them. I loved that no matter how hard Sebastian denies he is in love he cannot fight it anymore. Cannot wait though for more of the Bennetts especially Logan`s story. I mean Layla just enchanted me with this beautiful family cannot wait for what else she has in store for this family.


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