Cupcakes and Crushes by Kerri Ford

Cupcakes and Crushes by Kerri Ford

232 pages

Ebook and Print

Samhain Publishing

4 moons

Annie Cookie will do anything for her grandpa even going back to her hometown to make 700 cupcakes. That is all she was expected to do yet like all hometowns there are secrets and the big one is her sister getting married. She should be happy but how can you be happy to the woman that took your true love away from you. All things considered she had a good reason for breaking up with Pete that scared her and now she must face the music. Baking is her thing and though Pete was her first love there is something about his brother Cade Revlin. Though they are a couple years difference she is noticing how much in common they have and it is in some ways scaring her. She was only supposed to be here for a couple days not moving back yet it is harding to say no to Cade. One kiss from him and she knew she was in trouble but how can she deny the attraction anymore.

For years Cade has had only one woman in his mind. He was young and had a big crush on Annie since high school. Problem was at the time she was his brothers girlfriend and he had to hide his love for her. Seeing that she is back in to help her grandpa this is his chance to finally get the girl of his dreams. Back then she was all into books after her breakup and seeing her again he is determined to put more than books in her mind. Cade is wanting the chance of a lifetime to be with her at last but she is so set on leaving the only place where she really felt loved. Can he just let her go again without his feelings known this time?

In one word this book was delicious from the cupcakes in the book to the sweet kisses Cade gives to Annie. I loved that no matter how hard Annie tries to stay strong in pretending she doesn`t want to move back it takes a lot of forgiveness and second chances to make Annie see home is really where she belongs not in the big city. Have to say Kerri Ford made this such a fast moving book that it never faltered for me just an easy romance to love and the attraction between Cade and Annie was delicious all the way. Loved it and cannot wait for what is next for this talented author.

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