Omega Series Book 1: Raw Edge of Danger by Desiree Holt

Omega Series Book 1: Raw Edge of Danger by Desiree Holt

87 pages


4 moons

Athena Madero is tired of being a cop. This was her dream job yet lately she is noticing how corrupt her job is becoming. What used to be good cops and captains they are now getting paid to look the other way. This is not what she worked hard and is feeling like a failure. She knows that one man is responsible for all this corruption and it is up to her to get things right. No matter how much she tries though Athena feels her morals are slipping with this man behind her work. It takes a big man like Grey Holden to make her see she can`t do this all by herself. Like him Grey is on a mission to avenge his best friends death. Somehow the man Athena is trying to bring down is linked to Grey as well. The only thing they have right now is they both have in common bringing down the politician down no matter what it takes. What started as attraction and adrenaline is making them see that they thrive on action. Yet once all is done can they still be together knowing it is not just the politician but so much more.

I have to say Desiree Holt never fails me and even though for being 87 pages this book had it all for me wanting more of her story. In a way have to say I wanted more from Desiree in this book. There was so much I wanted but felt it might have faltered along the way so in a way it was okay. I loved that Athena is not your simple damsel in distress and determined to make things right. Here is a cop who in all purposes wanted to do right in the name of the law but it takes one man to ruin all she has worked hard for in her life. Now Grey Holden here is a man who is all macho, special ops and takes no prisoners determined to make things right. Like Athena he is also set to avenge his best friends death even if it means taking down a politician. All in all it was good just like all Desiree Holts special ops books. Can`t wait for what`s next in this series.

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