The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski

The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski 

244 pages

Ebook and Print

Entangled Publishing

3 1/2 moons

Friends and hero. That is what she sees in her best friend Eli. He is the first person she met when she moved next door to him. Ever since he shared his candy with her she has been in love. Problem for Emma is that she in her senior year and no one compares to her Eli. He is everything she wants in a boy and this confuses him. Emma has always been his best friend the only girl to really understand him yet another girl wants him as well. Kelly from his Facebook page seems the perfect girl yet something about her reminds him of his next door neighbor. They have gone through so many trials of being a teenager, neighbors and best friends. Eli has no idea when it happened but he is seeing his best friend in a new light. Emma knows only one thing and that is Eli is the guy for her but how to pass beyond just being friends is going to be the biggest test she will need to pass. Eli knows Emma will always be there for him. Or will she? Can friendship go beyond just being friends for two neighbors who are perfect for each other yet blind as heck towards what is right in front of them?

I have to say this is the first I have read from Jodie Andrefski and definitely will not be the last. I loved the whole next door neighbor friendship romance blooming between them. These two, Emma and Eli, were just so refreshing reminding us of when we first fall in love. For Emma, Eli is THE ONE and that is it. No other guy can compare to him yet when she tests the waters she is seeing there is plenty of fish out there. I loved that it took a big leap of Emma for Eli to finally open his eyes. The love that Jodi Andrefski did between these two was just so heartwarming and sweet. One thing I didn`t like was that even though you can see the obvious for Emma Eli was a little slow but then again he`s a guy lol. This is a great story for Entangled Publishing Crush line centered for young kids and new adult romance. Loved it and cannot wait for more.


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