Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

448 pages

Ebook and Print

Harlequin Books

February 23, 2016

4 moons

Armie Jacobson loves to fight and never thought of exploiting his skills to the limelight. It is all he knows MMA fighting but everything changes when his best friends sister kisses him. Since the kiss he has not been able to concentrate on his fighting and it is taking a toll. Everybody tells him he needs to gain on the fame right now before it gets too late. His friends know he has the skills but lately he is wondering what is he fighting for right now. Someone though is making his life tough right now and the only person he wants to lean on is also the person he must stay away from right now, Merissa. She is more than a friend to him she is the woman of his dreams. Beautiful, sexy, hot and smarter than any of his friends and this scares him the most. Merissa is the only one who understands him and doesn`t judge him like other people.  Just when he thinks he might have a chance with her someone is wanting to bring him down for a mistake he had in the past. Can he overcome his past at last and have a future with the girl of his dreams?

Merissa Colter is tired of just being a friend. She is so past the friend zone and is determined to finally get her man. Problem is that no matter how hard she tries Armie backs away. Merissa knows he is her brother`s best friend but she wants more than just friendship for he is the only guy she fantasizes and dreams about right now. He is a fighter all the way but in her heart he is the guy who really knows and understands her. Everybody says he is tough, macho but deep down he is nice, caring, loving and more than a friend for her. Just when she finally has found a way to get her man someone from her past is determined to make her his. It takes one near death experience to make Armie see how important Merissa is to him but will it be enough for her to keep him forever?

I have to say I am loving Lori Foster`s MMA fighters not only for the sexual charms but man when they find someone to love they love all the way. I loved seeing that it wasn`t just Armie in the book but the others from her previous MMA books. The chemistry between Merissa and Armie is strong yet there were times Armie was a little slow. I wanted to slap Armie to get his head out of his ass lol for there were times it was obvious he belonged to Merissa but like any other man it takes him a while to get it through his head. Lori Foster never faltered in the book making me want her next one sooner than ever. This is more of just a man with great fighting skills but a chance for two people to get the happiness they both deserve in this book. Loved it.


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