Pulled by A.L. Jackson

Pulled by A.L. Jackson

355 pages

Ebook and Print



They were young when they met. It was a chance meeting when he first saw her with his sister at their house a time when everything else changed in their lives. Everybody around them told him they were young to fall in love and marriage. Yet in Daniel Montgomery`s heart she was and is still the one he has always loved. Melanie Winters is a woman who entered his life and not only turned it upside down but also his heart. Melanie is the one thing that not only changed him but everything he thought about life. They had it all from love, friendship to even a family together yet fate changed everything. Years later he has never forgotten about her and it is fate again that brings them together in a way he never expected. Problem is that she is different now and it breaks his heart right now. Gone is the funny, adventurous and loving woman in place now is one who doesn`t  smile anymore and looks like life was sucked out of her. Married to another man he knows is not the one for he is determined to get his Melanie back no matter the cost. Can he get the woman that was and is still in his heart back in his life?

How can you describe the love of your life? How can you describe the best years of your life where you felt so alive nothing else mattered but being with the one man who loved you more than their own life? That is something that Melanie Winters is wondering about after all these years. Her life is different from what she used to be like before tragedy struck. She used to be fun, loving but most of all she had Daniel in her life. Married now to a man who took advantage of a heartbroken and naive girl she is trying to make her marriage work yet her heart still belongs to Daniel. Even now she had no idea how much her life can change in a minute or in this case a dinner meet. Daniel is everything she still wants in a man and seeing him again is bringing back all the memories and love she thought was tucked away. She knows he has questions about what happened years ago when she left but can she go through the past again without breaking down. Can she continue on a marriage that should never happened and get back the love of her life again?

I have to say I love when I get a chance to read about a new author and boy I was enchanted with A.L. Jackson. Right from the beginning you can tell this is more than a boy meeting his first love. It is about a boy meeting the woman of his dreams and getting her back for a chance of happiness forever. A chance that because of tragedy and secrets was taken away from them. I loved that no matter what happened Daniel is determined to get Melanie back in his life even if it means tearing up a marriage. The pain and heartache that Melanie went through was devastating and what she is going through now just heartbreaking. A.L. Jackson just wowed me in this book and seeing that they might have a chance again was me jumping up and down for these two are so in love even years apart the love they have never faded. It was awesome and cannot wait what else A.L. Jackson has coming up.


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