All Thats Unforeseen by Constance Phillips

All That`s Unforeseen by Constance Phillips

183 pages


4 moons

She always wanted kids and a real family with her husband. Yet she never expected her life to be like this with a child having Muscular Dystrophy knowing that any day now her son will not be alive.  Life should have been with happiness, love and a person to lean on yet for Marilynn the only person she has to lean on is herself. Marriage with Dan should have been forever but knowing his son was going to die was too much for him. Now when she thinks life can not bring more surprises a man from her past comes back in a time when she really needs it. Eli was the only good thing when she was married to Dan for he was the friend everyone had fun with and relied on. Seeing him again when all she wants to do is give up is not what she saw in her life happening. She has no time right now for romance for her son needs her even though in her heart she just wants one day where she can be free. Can she be a good mother to a son who doesn`t have that many days to live when her hearts wants to be loved and protected?

Eli has always been there for Marilynn secretly envying his best friend Dan. His best friend had it all the woman Eli loves and fantasized to even the little boy he dreamed of having with her. Problem is his best friend is an idiot and now he is ready to show Marilynn his true affections. He knows she has had it tough considering the illness her son has right now but still sees the girl he fell in love with in school. Eli has come a long way lately and is determined to show her she is not alone in this world. Having her and Joss in his life is like living the life he dreamed of having all those years ago as her husband and being a father. Eli knows she is dealing with her son`s illness as best as she can but wants to be there for her in every way. Muscular Dystrophy is a serious illness but if it means giving Joss a chance at living and Marilynn a sense of knowing she is not alone is something he is not going to pass up. They are his family in every way and Eli is determined to prove to them he is not going anywhere no matter if it gets tough.

This is the first I have read of Constance Phillips and have to say this is a series definitely interested in right now. I loved that throughout the book Joss is the one who is holding it together. This poor boy is struck with an illness no little boy should go through but is staying strong for his mother, Marilynn. The love he has and the determination to put his feelings and fear aside is wow. The attraction between Marilynn and Eli is a romance that has been in the making throughout the years. Started as friendship and bloomed to a love she never expected to have again in her life considering everything that is going on right now with Joss. Constance Phillips did a beautiful job in showing us that love can come in every form, shape, time and unexpected in most cases. Great book and more in this series to come.


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