Hollywood Stardust Book 1: Typecast by Kim Carmichael

Hollywood Stardust Book 1: Typecast by Kim Carmichael

380 pages

Kindle Press


3 1/2 moons

Imagine a movie where there are four people, best friends three guys and a girl. A movie where it showed a young girl who captured the heart of two boys yet didn`t want any of them but the one friend who would never get the girl. Imagine one of those friends you knew so well become the villain to everybody else except you. This is the story of Logan aka Steven in the movie called Hollywood Stardust. A movie that is coming back to life 20 years after it ended and one reporter who captures the villain`s heart. To everybody else Logan is and always will be the bad guy except to two people who really know the truth. He swore years ago that nobody would know the real story except one woman who not only watched the movie but has a thesis for college. Ivy is one woman who he cannot ignore no matter how hard he tries. She is like a slice of heaven in a world he shunned years ago for the Hollywood scene was never his thing like his co-stars. No matter how hard he tries she is persistent in finding out why he never agreed on the sequel and getting under his skin.

Ivy has dreamed and fantasized about this moment since she was a teenager. Like every teenager that was glued to the movie, Hollywood Stardust, she was a hardcore fan even to this day. Knowing that it has been 20 years since the movie ended everybody wants to know what really happened to the sequel that never happened. Who wanted out? Who was really the villain? What happened to Steven when he drove away? Everybody even to this day still sees Logan as the villain but in Ivy`s heart he is the hero. Like her he is the odd one and yet in a way she feels closer to him then the other stars in the movie. Logan understands her in a way no one has ever done before and this scares her. People think he is the reason the sequel was never done but along the way getting to know him through the interview of a web blog she is finding out that like Hollywood not all is it seems. The real Logan is what makes her wonder what is she really working for is it for a career she has dreamed of or a fantasy she never expected to happen?

This is the first I have read from Kim Carmichael and have to say at first it was intriguing yet for me it fell short. In the beginning knowing who Logan really was in the movie was great but have to say the flashbacks before the chapters just started getting tiresome. It was okay at first but felt it distracted from the real story. Don`t get me wrong Ivy was great to read about even though she tries so hard to be a good reporter she just didn`t seem all into it. Have to say Logan felt there should have been more for this guy. I mean we know the part he played in the movie but what led him out of the movie just seemed to jump forward to quick for this reader. There is Book 2 hoping it is better and maybe more of these characters then what we got in the first book. In a way it just seemed like too Beverly Hills 90210 with a modern twist in this book. There was just too much that felt unanswered and seemed like the whole book was about Erin and not Logan.


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