Hollywood Stardust Book 2: Limelight by Kim Carmichael

Hollydwood Stardust Book 2: Limelight by Kim Carmichael

453 pages

Irksome Rebel Press


3 moons

20 years ago she met the man of her life and for the first time fell in love. 20 years ago she broke her loves heart and since then has been in a daze. Everybody wanted to be her, Erin Holland star of Hollywood Stardust. Everybody except her who all she wanted was to be the woman who finally got the guy. She knew in her heart Drew was the one for her but was afraid to really give her whole heart. Now with the anniversary of the movie that changed everybody`s life she is still pining and hoping Drew will come back. Erin knows that back then she was silly and stupid for letting a man like Drew get away and is determined to find him even if it means letting the world know who Erin Holland really is. 20 years may have passed but knowing that Drew might still love her is something she is not going to pass again this time.

Drew Fulton has never forgotten about her. Even now 20 years later she is still in his heart and in his life. He swore years ago when she rejected his love he will not come running back to her. Yet here he is now on the anniversary of the movie that not only ruined and changed his life drastically to finally talk to her. Erin Holland not your usual girl to fall in love but his heart wants her. It has been years since he last saw her but the love he has for her has never been extinguished. Drew knows it is a mistake to let her back in his life but he`s not the adolescent and naive boy he used to be. A brokenheart can change and define who you want to be from being an actor to a biochemist to maybe getting the girl of your dreams again. 20 years and the love is still there no matter how hard he denies it Erin is and will always be the one for him. Can he the man he is now yet balance his normal life and the Hollywood drama that comes with his leading lady?

So after reading Typecast the first in the Hollywood Stardust series I was intrigued about Drew. I mean here is a movie that in a way changed everybody and made them who they are right now. Erin always dreamed of being an actress and even now she is still trying to become a star. Hollywood Stardust was in a way a culture change for not only the stars in the movie but everybody else. The movie showed 4 people who by all counts had it all but it is the naive, innocent girl in the movie who never got what she really wanted, Drew. Now we jump to the present and see the girl still didn`t get the boy of her dreams. It takes a long time for Drew to decide what he really wants and letting go of his fears. I have to say it took a while for me to get into Erin for no matter how hard she tried she just didn`t seem likeable. In a way I expected her to mature and be the woman Drew really needed yet somehow and not sure why Drew saw past her facade. All in all have to say it was okay not worth reading again though to me the flashbacks just got in the way for me didn`t see a point in putting it in the book for me. I wanted more of Erin and the Hollywood girl she acted in the book but never seemed to get away from it.



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