The Muse and the Fairytale by Mary Smith

The Muse and The Fairytale by Mary Smith

210 pages




Meadow Hylton loves romance so much that she writes it now. Problem is even though she has hundreds of fans in Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram basically everything social she is well living her life like a hermit. It has been ages since she was on a date and felt desireable to the point that when a guy is flirting with her she is scared. Her newest book is making her feel like she is in a slump until she catches the eye of her next muse. He is everything she has been searching as the cover model for her next book. Kyson Wick, newest hockey player for her favorite team the New Hampshire Bears, has her libido skyrocketing. He is handsome as hell, sexy, smart, flirtatious and 10 years younger than her. Age is something she knows is a big factor in a guy yet even though he is 25 years old she cannot stop thinking about him. All her life she has waited for her Prince Charming to come out of her romance books and knows he exists yet something is holding her back. Can she find it in her muse, Kyson or will she keep dreaming?

His whole life has been centered in hockey and his brother. It is because of his brother he is where he is now making it big in a career he loves. Becoming a cover model never crossed his mind but that was before he knew about Meadow Hylton and the hockey romance she writes. For the first time in months he is feeling something he never felt with his ex, Angela and is determined to find out when it comes to Meadow. Being with her not only has improved his game but he is feeling not only a friendship but something more for this author. His brother always teases him for going out with older women and she constantly tells him he should pick someone more his age yet she is the one for him. He knows he is young but after years of looking out for his brother Kyson is ready to take care of himself and he wants Meadow. What started of as helping her with her book has made him see that they are living their own fairytale and it is one he never wants to end. Can he convince his heroine how right they are and this is a fairytale that will always have a happily ever after even though he can be stupid?

Okay in one word is WOW. This is the first I have read from Mary Smith and have to say this is not your usual sports romance book. What got me about this book that made it so easy to love was its characters. I loved that you have a person like Meadow who seems like she is at the top of the romance world she is just like all of us waiting for her Prince Charming. The storyline pulled me in and though it is the first in a series I am already loving it for there was so much more between Meadow and Kyson. The cute way they completed each other and easy way there were towards each other is what makes its characters so memorable. Kysons attitude about a cover model was genuine to the point of making him think of Fabio was hillarious. Meadow now is a woman I loved right away for she reminded me of me with insecurities, fear yet still with hope her one love will appear. Mary Smith just wowed me since this is the first I have read from will definitely keep up with her work. Get this book you won`t be disappointed from the camaraderie between its characters, the love between Meadow and Kyson even his teammaters were awesome. Can`t wait for Book 2 in this series.


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