Men of Mercy Book 6: Ravaged River by Lindsay Cross

Men of Mercy Book 6: Ravaged River by Lindsay Cross

231 pages


5 moons

He used to be handsome, funny, people loved hanging out with him and now well he is a monster.  Even though it has been months since his brother found him Hoyt still remembers being beaten, scarred, tortoured and most of all left to die. Nobody understands him or his pain of what he is going through right now. Yet even though he shuns everybody away there is one person he cannot stay away from, Hayden James. She is the only one who doesn`t look at him in fear or makes him a face of disgust. She is the only one who he tries to shield from his pain but she never stays away which scares him. Knowing someone out there from his past is nearby and his woman in danger he is putting himself in her life once again. Even though he is determined to not bring her into his pain life knowing that she is beautiful and perfect for someone else besides him tears him apart. Can he be the man she needs in her life or will he continue to live a life in pain?

Hayden knows her life is not filled of regrets, fears and mistakes yet her biggest one is Hoyt. He is the only one who didn`t make her feel ashamed or stupid for her last mistake. When she needs him the most he shuns her away. Everybody tells her she is crazy for waiting for him but she knows he is the one for her no one else. Stupid is not something Hayden sees herself but patient instead and that is what Hoyt needs from her right now. The more she tries to stay away from him for space he is the one looking for her.  She doesn`t understand how one minute he tells her she can`t be with him yet he is the one searching for her. Just when Hayden is ready to move on and find someone who wants her Hoyt comes for her again. Can she ignore him and move on or will she always be there for him as just as a friend?

Once again there are no words to describe Lindsay Cross, Men of Mercy series but in Ravaged River just wow. I have been following this series since the first one with Hunter and love that in each book Lindsay shows us what her other characters have been up to. The Men of Mercy series is not just a series but of a family of brothers and friends that shows us friendship is more than just being there it means they got your back no matter the situation. The relationship between Hoyt and Hayden is more than just friendship it is a like a bond between them that is unique and only between them. I loved that they have this bond that is like a love hate yet cannot go on without one another which is like wow. This is one book that is more just friendship but of Hoyt seeing himself as the same person he used to be and not a monster he thinks he is. Just loved it and cannot wait for what else Lindsay Cross has for these are men you definitely want to read about again and again.


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