The Miami Series: Beaten, Scarred and Vindicated by Marie York

The Miami Series: Beaten, Scarred and Vindicated by Marie York

108 pages


5 moons

Everybody was there for him from the women, money and even his fans yet one fight took it all of from him. Not just one fight but his nemesis. Like his career ending Bronx has nothing else left in his life until he stepped into a diner drunk again. He has no idea why a beautiful woman like Kenzie would want to help him. Bronx knows everybody sees him as a drunk, selfish and shallow yet when he`s near Kenzie and her little girl he wants to be better which scares him. Whenever he is with Kenzie the feelings he feels for her is not your usual lust but something deep he has never experienced before. For once in his life he has someone who is there for him, who doesn`t ridicule him or think him fighting is stupid. No instead Kenzie sees the man he is supposed to be and he is determined to be there for them. Can he have it all the fame, the family and most of all the love he has been searching for in his life?

Leaving Las Vegas was the one thing she has never regretted in her life yet meeting Bronx is making Kenzie realize she never been just a girl. Since she was stupid at a young age she grew up right away to be a mother she never imagined herself being. She knows her sister will never understand what happened so as a young girl with no choices she left all she knew. Now she sees a man like Bronx all alone and well at a low point she sees what could have been her if she didn`t help at the time. Her little girl is the one bright spot in her life but being with Bronx she is realizing what she has been missing all these years. Growing up quickly she has forgotten what it feels like to be well a woman and boy is Bronx making her feel like a woman which scares her. Can she be there for him when is famous again? Can she be the woman he needs her to be?

This is a first I have read about Marie York and have to say it pulled me in right away. I loved no matter how low we are in life there is someone there out for us. The attraction between Kenzie and Bronx was hot like no matter how long they denied the attraction the explosion between them is hotter than ever. One thing about this book is that it never faltered like it kept its pace which is one of things I love in a book.  Have to say for this being the first book I read from Marie York it will not be the last. Her characters are not just characters but people who have sacrificed things to have a better life and the hope of never giving up. Loved it.


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