The Water Skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller

The Water Skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller

290 pages

Create Space Press




Life was simple for Eden Riley. Life was being happy and having her mom and dad alive. Life was okay until she caught the attention of a ruthless, brutual and persistent man name Walter Tipton. Everybody told her and her father to stay away from him but he has other plans. One attempt at her life puts her into a place that she never expected to happen. She once had a life of happiness and like a snap to her fingers it is all gone because of Walter. He swore if he couldn`t have her than no one else will have her. Years later she is awake but to a time that is not hers anymore. It is a time where there is a man who is bringing out feelings in her she never thought of having towards a man. Something about the way Kyle, the stranger, talks and acts towards her is making Eden wonder where in time is she at right now.

Kyle  Tipton has been searching for the right woman. Problem is that all the women he has met before has never caught his attention until now. He has no idea why his grandfather left him the old homestead but something about the lake nearby calls to him. Meeting Eden he is conflicted with his feelings towards her and a real woman. For the first time here is a woman who he can be himself and not pretend things which scares him. Kyle has no idea why Eden can`t leave the lake just knows that everyday going to the lake is like coming home to him.  Being with Eden he can tell her his secrets, wishes, fantasies and dreams and he doesn`t feel ashamed or ridiculed. Yet the more he is with Eden the more frustrated Kyle gets for he wants more than she can give to him. Can he continue on a relationship with a woman who might not even exist?

Okay I have to say this book was very unique and enchanting. I have never read or heard from this author before and have to say Jennifer Julie Miller enchanted me with this beautiful storyline. I loved that it wasn`t just your usual romance but with a paranormal twist that is unlike any I have read before in a romance. The love that Kyle has for Eden is remarkable especially knowing that he might not have a chance was beautiful. Eden just got to my heart for her innocence, curiousity yet her determination to change things to have what she has always dreamed of having in her life. Love. Have to say this book was just remarkable and Jennifer Julie Miller s one author I am so going to follow for her imagination in a book just wows me. Loved it.


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