Just One Night by Jami Wagner

Black Alcove Series Book 2: Just One Night by Jami Wagner

180 pages


February 16, 2016

5 moons

Her own bar. This is what she has dreamed of having since she started shadowing her father in the bar business. Her relationship with her father is not just special but he is her best friend. Well until a young boy name Logan Parker entered her elementary class and she has been hooked on him since then. Through all the ups and downs they have had he is the only one who has always been there for her. Just when she is ready to have their relationship known to their friends she gets what she has been dreaming but in another state. One thing about her love for Logan is that she can trust him yet the separation is killing her. She knows this is a test in their love but lately she feels like there are people wanting to sabotage their love. Can she and Logan survive this time to be what they are to be desitned forever, a couple?

In one word Just One Night is more than just one night it is a time for second chances for a life filled of love and forever. I loved how Jami Wagner quickly introduced us to Logan and his bond with Sara. The relationship they have for one another is strong no matter the obstacles that come in between. I have to say Jami Wagner did a great job in making Logan work for his woman. Have to say for a man who is trying to so hard to prove he is the right man for Sara he didn`t have anything going easy for him. For being my first time in reading a book by Jami Wagner this series just wowed me to the point I bought book 1 right now. Loved it.


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