Break My Fall by Jessica Scott

Falling Book 2: Break my Fall by Jessica Scott

226 pages




What kind of man are you when all you want to do is kill? You thirst for the blood, the pain and most of all to be at a place where you feel home. This is something that Josh is trying to come to terms with right now. It has been months since he left the war and even now he is itching to go back. Not just back to the sand but to the bloodshed to escape normal life. He is not cut out for civilian life and going to college for courses he knows will not amount to anything he is quite surprised that he`s captured Abby`s attention. Here is a beauty in the rough someone who unknown to him completes him in a way he never expected. Something about Abby gets to him and for once since leaving the Army he feels well home towards her. He knows she deserves a better man than him but he cannot stay away from her. Can he a man who cannot go a day without thinking of the War, blood and killing be the man Abby needs in her life?

She has watched him from afar and wonders who he really is. On the outside Josh is just like any man in college but he feels different towards her. For years she has struggled to be the confident person she is supposed to be but after a disastrous relationship she is weary of letting someone near her. Though she has tried to stay away from Josh she can`t stop having feelings towards him. She swore not to fall for a soldier but she can`t resist Josh anymore. The passion she feels for him is nothing she has ever felt before in some ways it scares her. On the outside she is strong but in the inside she is scared of confrontation and being with Josh she knows he will explode soon. Can she be there for him when he will need her?

I have to say reading about Josh was a little tough at first in Jessica Scott`s latest. He is different from the other men that came back home. He`s not bitter for coming back but actually misses the bloodshed and the killing. A life without a gun by his side is not a life for him. In some ways he feels like an alien for no matter how hard he tries he just can`t get used to civilian life. Josh sees himself as a monster yet with Abby he feels well at home. Hard to believe for Abby is totally opposite from him for she is nice, gentle, beautiful and patient with a monster like him. I have to say Jessica Scott and her Army stories never get tiring and this is just another example of her beautiful work. The pain that Josh goes through like drinking to numb his anxiety and coping with normalcy is hard yet it is what makes us understand Josh. This is the second in her Falling series and have to say the more we read about her soldiers adjusting to normalcy I realize it`s not for the faint of heart instead it is for the strong that can read to understand what any soldier right now is trying to cope with in life. Loved it.


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