Precious Cargo by Brenna Zinn

Precious Cargo by Brenna Zinn


4 moons

Duke has tried to get on with his life problem is his life is with a woman he left behind. A woman he has tried so hard to forget yet all it takes is one call to put him back into danger. The Omega Team is a group started by Grey Holden to help and protect those in danger. It is because of this danger his expertise is needed to help Mila Bartosh. She is the one who somehow captured his heart and never gave it back to him. Someone wants to hurt his woman and he is determined to make sure she stays alive even if it means putting his life on the line. Even though it was years ago when her life changed from being a normal daughter to now a daughter of a Russian diplomat her life is not what she expected to have. One thing for sure is even though her life is different her love for Duke has never extinguished. Can she love the man he is now or forever be stuck in the past?

I have to say the Omega Team is becoming a favorite of ex soldiers that will make you swoon. Duke, like Grey, is just trying to find his life back after his stunt in the army is over. The life he had before is gone and all he knows is being a soldier. I loved that Brenna Zinn shows us no matter who you are love is something that never falters. The passion that Duke has for Mila is strong and no matter how many lies there is he is determined to keep his woman safe. Brenna Zinn did a beautiful job in showing no matter that there is danger love can outshine anything amidst the bloodshed.


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