Queen of His Heart by Lena Hart

Queen of His Heart by Lena Hart

306 pages


4 moons

He has watched her for months. He knows her routine and ready to finally get his woman. The problem is Carlos Moreno is somehow stuck in the friend zone. There is something about Judith Bell that enchants and confuses him in a way no other woman has done before in his life. His family knows she is the one for him and now he is ready to convince his Judith she belongs to him.  He knows this is his chance but somehow she runs away from him. Determined to get her back he is determined to help her in every way even if it means putting his job on the line. The more he is with her and helping his Judith he is seeing a different woman than the one he fell in love with. Can he be there for her when she will really need him?

Judith Bell is on the run. She thought she was finally free but somehow her past has come back. This is why she cannot be with Carlos. No matter how hard she tries she cannot forget about Carlos. He is everything she would have gone for if she wasn`t a naive and stupid girl years ago. Carlos is someone she can lean on, love and confide all her secrets yet she is afraid to start something because of her past. Can she finally be free and find the love she has been denied?

Have to say for being the 3rd in a series I loved this connection between Carlos and Judith. When he talks spanish it was like a seduction dance all the way. I felt for Judith and her reluctance to be who she really is because of her fears. Here is a woman who is still afraid yet trying so hard to be independent and work for the life she deserves to have. Lena Hart did a beautiful job in showing us that no matter how hard we try we all need a good, strong, sexy as hell man to be there for us to lean on and loved. Cannot wait for the next one in this series.


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