Searching for Mine by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Mine by Jennifer Probst

130 pages


4 1/2 moons

Connor Dunkle has no idea what he did to get up in his professors behind. For month`s he`s been doing exactly what she asked of him, reading the material, turning in the paperwork yet still gets bad grades. As a 39 year old he is trying hard to finally being the man he was supposed to be. He put his schooling on the back burner for his brother and now it is time for him. Problem is that his teacher, Ella Blake is not giving him a chance. This is one class he needs to pass to get his degree in business and is determined to do everything he can to pass. What he didn`t expect was to fall for a woman like her. She is opposite of what he goes for in a woman yet he cannot stop thinking about her. Seeing that she is divorced with a kid he tries to be the best neighbor he can be yet something about her love makes him possesive. He`s never been the type to leave a woman in distress even though when they deny the help. Something about Ella though keeps calling to him. Can he be the man she needs him to be?

Ella Blake takes her teaching seriously yet lately a certain student is making her think about things she shouldn`t be thinking. Connor is one man who is making her wonder when she gave up on men. Ever since her divorce she has tried to be a good mom even downplaying her looks. Lately though she is wondering why. Being with Connor as neighbors is taking its toll making her yearn for a kiss and feeling wanted. As a mother her main concern is her child but being with Connor is making her want to be the woman she used to be the desirable one. Connor is their for her son something that his actual father is not which pains her. In Connor she sees a totally different man and it scares her. He is supposed to be a man into boobs, ditzy blondes not educated, beautiful woman like her. Can she let go and be the woman he desires?

This is the first I have read from Jennifer Probst and have to say I loved it. The chemistry between Connor and Ella is like a volcano waiting to erupt. The way they sizzle towards each other it is a wonder they kept apart this long. The love that Connor has is not just about sex it is first friendship that makes Ella confused as hell. I loved that she has no idea what his motives are but willing to risk her heart. This is not your usual romance but one of friendship blooming to something they have both been searching and that is what makes this a true romance. Cannot wait what else Jennifer has in her imaginative mind.


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