The Hotter You Burn by Gena Showalter

The Hotter You Burn by Gena Showalter

418 pages

Ebook and Print



Beck Ockley is your modern day he slut. According to his best friend Jase`s girlfriend he is one. There`s a reason why though and only he can explain it. For him there is always the doom and gloom of staying with one woman. There hasn`t been a woman to really captivate and enchant him into the possibility of a committment. Well that was until a certain woman tried to steal a pie from him. When it comes to a man like him two things you should never tear him away from is a naked woman and well his pie. Harlow Glass knows about the women but come on the pie is just simply foolish. She knows it was a risk but her stomach begs to differ. For months she has stayed in the shadows watching Beck and his friends take over her childhood home. Confronting the womanizer Harlow never expected to see kindness in Beck. Everybody around her says he is not a one woman man yet for some reason he won`t leave her alone. Beck tries to stay away from Harlow and is confused as hell why she won`t leave his thoughts. He`s had many women yet none compare to his Harlow and his fascination towards her. Something about her just challenges him in a way he never expected a woman to be towards him.

People in Strawberry Valley have not forgotten about Harlow and how she was years ago in school. She knows has a lot to make ammend yet with Beck she wants to be better in his eyes. As the past comes back Harlow is determined to not only make things right but finally be the woman her mother saw in her years ago. Beck is the first man she has really come to love and it scares her deep inside. It is not just the feelings but the chemistry between them is one she has never experiences even though the rumours about her are circling around. Afraid of what he would think of her once all her dirty secrets are out can she be the woman he needs her to be. Will he ever be the man she has dreamed and read of in her romance books? Can she overcome the bully she used to be and finally have friends like she dreamed of as well or remain alone?

Once again Gena Showalter has shined in her sequel to the Heartbreakers series making Beck another favorite as well. In Jase`s story we saw a small glimpse of this heartbreaker and though he seems funny and the life of the party there is more to Beck. My heart ached for the little boy he used to be yet rooted for Harlow. Now these two are in a way damaged in the inside to the point they are perfect for one another. One is dealing with the past of trying to be good and rewrite her life while the other is trying to keep the love of his life yet making sure they are happy without him. In a way Beck is hard to explain yet Gena Showalter shows us that this is more than a man who sleeps around. Yes he loves sex what man doesn`t but Beck is also looking for that one love that won`t leave him. Harlow just was wow. This is not your simple heroine for she has pride and won`t take pity at all. Love her attitude especially when things get tough and people even now still hate her she doesn`t back down and cower but fights. Loved it.


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