My Smokin Hot Valentine by Magda Alexander

My Smokin Hot Valentine by Magda Alexander

153 pages




How can you write a sex scene when you the author haven`t had sex in well you can`t remember the last time. This is something that romance author Ashley Roberts keeps questioning herself. After 10 novels published she has no idea where her next book will be coming from which is scaring her right now. She`s done everything she can to get her mojo going and well a ski resort is her last option. Everything should have been easy and quiet finally a place for her to get her story out of her head. Problem is that she didn`t expect getting stranded and a fine sex on a stick man like Nick Fazzone awaiting for her. Everything about him shows he is a womanizer but no matter how hard she tries Ashely cannot resist him anymore. It started off as a fling but somehow he got under her skin. She knows in some bizarre way it is because of him that she is finally getting somewhere but how long can she rely on Nick when all she wants is what she always dreamed of having which is love and acceptance.

All Nick Fazzone wants is to get away and relax. The ski resort was supposed to be a place for him to finally get away from all the pushing his mother is doing right now. He knows his mother means well but he is not ready to just settle with one woman when he is still well sowing his wild oats. No woman has gotten under his skin to the point where he wants more than just one night with them. Since meeting romance author Ashley Roberts he is feeling more than just a horny guy in heat. He enjoys her company and something about her calls to him like no other woman has done. It started off as a fling yet along the way he is starting to feel like this is more than a game with her. As a man who is used to just bedding and leaving the girl for the first time in his life he doesn`t want to leave this girl. Is it Ashley and her beautiful, sexy body that is calling him or can it possibly be love in his life for the first tme?

In one word for Nick and Ashey is WOW. Right away from the first chapter I was hooked to the point where the book just flew by. I was like nooo it can`t be done already. I have to say I love this series only wish I got a hold of the first one in this series. It can definitely be read alone but man Nick is one hot Italian Stallion and you so need a cold glass of water to cool down. I felt for Ashley Roberts for even I couldn`t resist this guy. At first he did come of kind of cocky yet once you read what he`s dealing with from his mother and family well you kind of feel sorry for him and all the pressure. The passion between them is hot and the love between them in some ways was funny, sweet and fascinating how they complete one another without realizing it themselves.This is one of those books you don`t want to pass up Magda Alexander have to say shined in this story cannot wait for Raphaels story. Loved it.


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