Power Play by Sophia Henry

Power Play by Sophia Henry
234 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

313 is supposed to be her business. She is the one who has managed it and been there from the start up since her father opened it. Knowing he rather leave it to her old brother who has no idea what to do in retail is mind boggling. For years since she was four she was there all the way watching her father and soaking in all the information leaving her no time for romance or college. An accident when she was 16 has made her weary of any man flirting wth her at least until one man kept going to her store. Somehow Landon Taylor has gotten under her skin and no matter how many times he visits the store she can`t ignore him anymore. Her father is her everything and when he gets sick she is ready to prove to him that she can do the business make it a success. Knowing that her brother is going to take over her dream can she concentrate on having a relationship with Landon, giving him what he has dreamed of having since he was kid.

Landon Taylor has loved Gabriella Bertucci since one Halloween night when she gave him his first kiss. Ever since then he has been hooked to her. He may be just 21 years old but she is the one for him. It used to be hockey was his thing but lately he has been feeling down. Being with Gaby he is seeing how lucky he is. He can`t believe her parents though they are stuck to the old fashioned ways and Landon doesn`t see how a beautiful woman like her can be okay with their ways. She is smart, clever, beautiful and way wise than any woman he has come to known. When he sees Gaby he feels like he can do anything even get her dream of making 313 a huge success. Problem is something in Gabys past makes her feel unbrave and weak when instead she is far from that right now. She is his everything and he is determined to make her see that she is strong, determined and can accomplish anything.

I have to say I love Landon Taylor. He is exactly what Gaby needs right now. She may be 19 years old but this is a girl who knows what she wants. All her life she has worked to take over the business and one minor setback with her father changes everything she has worked for. Now Landon finally revealing his feelings scares her in a cute way it`s hard to not love her. The relationship they have is not just of love and passion it is seeing the good in the other person whether they don`t see it themselves. I have to say Sophia Henry became a favorite for this reader love it that there`s tons of romance and love but also seeing the good in others. Cannot wait for the next one in this beautiful series.


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