Hurt Me by Jeri Williams

Hurt Me by Jeri Williams

175 pages




For years she lived in a nightmare going each day trying to stay alive. She thought a girl like her had no hope and no chance to be loved. That changes though when she met Deklan and he came in a car and broody atttidue taking no shit from her. For the first time she is able to breath but there is still that nagging voice she has always heard in her life that she is not good, worthy, supposed to be dead and will never be loved. Harley has tried to be normal but how can she when all she has known has been a life full of hatred and abuse. Deklan has tried to be patient with Harley but how far can he go before he looses control on her and loose the love he just found. Knowing that he almost lost her because what she went through he is determined to get her back to the living. A life with no Harley is not a life he wants to live in it. He knows he can be an asshole, broody but with Harley he is him and she still loves him. As a man who went through the same thing as her can he be there to bring his woman back and be loved forever.

Oh my GOD I am so excited for this sequel by Jerri Williams. I thought the first one gripped me to tears but knowing that Deklan is there all the way just grabs me again. I once again have to applaud  Jerri Williams for creating Deklan just for Harley. These two have a bond that is not only unique and special but one that through pain can be healed. Have to say the emotional twists Jerri Williams takes us in this book was like wow. I thought I cried a lot in the first book but man this one just will wreck you in every way make sure kleenex is nearby for Jerri Williams will not give you a break. Loved it so much between Deklan and Harley dealing with their issues and just wow. Loved it.


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