When I Make You Mine by Rae Daniel

When I Make You Mine by Rae Daniel

91 pages


4 moons

Anne hates being sick but in this case she thanks herself for being sick for it brought in Dr. Jim. Here is a man who is making her think about things like falling in love and finding that special someone in her life. The one guy she thought might have been the one apparently didn`t care she was sick and looked elsewhere for getting tired of waiting for her to make a move with a friend. Anne never believed in serendipity before but after meeting Dr. Jim twice she knows fate wants them together. Everybody tells her she jumps to relationships too fast yet Jim is wreaking havoc in her libido. Something about him calls to her and unsure what to do she lays it all out even knowing that she might not make it if he breaks her heart.

Dr. Jim has dated many women and have had patients flirt with him. Yet when he sees his next patient he cannot feel just as her doctor. Anne somehow knocks the wind out of him and for the first time he wants to really play doctor to a woman like her. She is sexy, funny, beautiful and the most sickest person he has ever seen but it doesn`t stop the attraction towards her. All it took was one flirty remark from her and he is lost in her. Anne is unlike any woman he has known and this scares him in a way that it is exciting to him. He knows he can`t always be her doctor but is determined to be the man for her in every way in her life and forever.

In one word the chemistry between Jim and Anne is HOT. The scene between them in the hospital at first meet was just hillarious in a way that Rae Daniel not only made it funny but have to say sexy as well. This is where we see the fun side of Anne that not many people see and man Jim is one guy to make all her dreams possible. The fiece obsession Jim has towards Anne is like nothing he has experienced before and this was fun to see him deal. Rae Daniel did a beautiful job in showing us not only Anne`s fears of being dumped again but also Jims fear of losing his heart to a woman who can easily break him. Loved it and though it was only 91 pages have to say you will not be left unsatisfied.


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