My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

312 pages


4 1/2 moons

170 years he has seen many things happen like the rise of fall of so many wars, plagues killing thousands but the one he will always remember is the loss of his lovely, Lydia. For years he has tried to die but once again fate lets him live. Tired of everything happening just when he is ready to die again fate throws him Leah Winters. Unsure what fate is doing right now he is scared of the inevitable when it comes to Leah. His feelings, the memories and most of all the love he feels is all coming back like a tidal wave. Jack knows he shouldn`t question life but knowing Lydia is alive in Leah is not what he expected in a little town like Portland, Maine. Seeing Leah he sees Lydia but it is the person that holds her soul that captures his heart not his early love. He knows once she knows the real Jack Hammond she might run away and knows this time he will never survive loosing her.

Something about Jack Hammond speaks to Leah Winters. He is like a dream she has been waiting for years and now she is unsure what to do with the feelings he invokes in her. She knows if she reveals her secet of the memories she has had people will think she is crazy. Yet when she is with Jack he is bringing out all these feelings she has never had with any other man and it scares her. Jack is not one of the usual guys and being with him she is sharing secrets she has never told no one including her brother, Grady. Love exists but the attraction Leah has with Jack is not the usual love in th e 21st century but one of the old and past where manners and betrothals existed. Can she figure out what is happening before she looses Jack again like before?

This is the first I have read by Jen Printy and have to say I love where this series is going. At first I was kind of weary about Jack Hammond but once you read about his ordeal you will start to soften towards him. I loved that the attraction between him and Leah when they first meet is unique, new and well just truly old fashioned romance blooming. They have a past that is hard to explain but once Jack finds Leah no one can tear them apart. Leah is sweet, naive at times but through everything she takes Jacks story like a pro. Not afraid of him but instead is more than ready to be with him even though there is someone wanting to tear them apart, Death. Have to say for being the first time I read about Jen Printy I cannot wait for the sequel and see what Death has in store for Leah and Jack.


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