Jackson’s Trust by Violet Duke


Fourth Down Book 1: Jackson`s Trust by Violet Duke


March 8, 2016



Jackson Gray has always taken his life as a math problem and sports together. His logic in life is just to bed and leave em before the woman gets too close. None have gotten under his skin like the new sports reporter, Leila Hart. For the first time in his life he is attracted to a woman more besides their breasts and sexual expertise. Leila is making him want more than just sex he is actually thinking about more than a sexual relationship. He knows she is not the type that will just be into sex and it scares him. Not because of the thought of a committed relationship but the thought of not having her in his life is terrifying. Leila has become more than a woman he wants to have sex with but as a woman who can change him to actually commit and finally have well a girl friend who is into him besides his body.

Leila Hart doesn`t have time for a man yet something about Jackson Gray is getting her libido going like no other guy has done. Which is a problem because her family thinks she`s engaged to her cheating ex boyfriend a wanna be politician. For once in her life Leila wants to be the center of someones world and not just a means for success. Being with Jackson and knowing he can`t commit to a woman makes her feel okay with the friendship they have as buddies. Yet somehwere along the way her heart got in a way and see`s a part of Jackson that shows he can really love. Each day with Jackson and well nights is making her wonder if she can be brave enough to be the woman Jackson has been searching for in his life. Can she be there when all their secrets are out in the open?

Have to say I have been waiting for Jackson Gray since I saw his face on the cover. Something about him and his story pulled me. Here is a guy who looks out for others yet when it comes to loving himself he has a hard time. Each chapter by Violet Duke brought us more about Jackson what made him tick and be gun shy about committing to a woman. Now Leila have to say is one strong cookie in this book where it was so easy to love her. Right from the beginning the attraction is strong, hot and just what they both need a friendship blooming. Violet Duke has done it again in a story about a man who needs more than just love in his life but a woman who really understands his fear, doubts, struggles and can commit to him only. Loved it.


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