Becoming Elena Book 1: Stolen Innocence by Melody Anne

Becoming Elena Book 1: Stolen Innocence by Melody Anne

230 pages


4 moons

She has read before in the news about girls being abducted. Girls taken against their will yet never imagined she will fall into the statistics. Gone was her normal life and the life she used to know. Everything that was clean, pure and well where she felt safe is gone. One day she was a teenager and somehow Mary has forgotten who she is, what year and what her life is now. Having a life that was safe for her she is seeing that there is another life Mary never thought she would go through.  Days go by and she struggles to be herself yet there is evil coming to her every night prepping her. An evil that she knows she cannot runaway from but is afraid of the possibilities.

Somehow evil has changed the innocent Mary. Now is Elena, a woman who taught into this world leaving all her hope in life. She is taught to obey, don`t question and most of all always be naked. Gone is the life she used to know and any hope of bringing Mary back. Thinking of life ending someone comes to her rescue. A person who for the first time in months is bringing her a sense of safeness and a feeling she has never felt before in a man. She knows all is not what it seems with this man yet she cannot hide her feelings towards him. Will he be her savior or is he another evil in disguise?

In one word for Melody Anne`s latest series is WOW. I have to say after reading all her books this is quite well unique. I felt for Mary what she is going through and have to say I applauded for her determination to not forget. The scenes are graphic yet you have to read it to understand what Mary is going through right now. I do have to say I am intrigued to find out what is in store with Elena`s new admirer and his story. The attraction between them is hot making Elena well still the innocent even though she has gone through things no woman should go through in their lives. This is one series by Melody Anne you don`t want to miss and have to say I am anxious for the next one now.


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