Between the Bleeding Willows by D.A. Roach

Between the Bleeding Willows by D.A. Roach

212 pages

Ebook and Print


All Cassidy wants is to live again. Ever since her boyfriend Jace Peters died there is no point for her to live. Jace was her everything and the only man to capture her heart. Yet life has a way of changing ones outlook in life. For Cassidy she never thought she would have something to look forward until she saw a person look like her Jace at a cemetery no one should be allowed to enter. People might call her crazy but she knows the person that killed another is her Jace but seeing him murder someone just seems surreal. Her Grandmother always told her to see the good in people so knowing others want to kill Jace she must fight to prove that Jace is good. She enters a world that she never knew existed and now there are people that she feels safe with especially the demon hunter leader, Killian. Something about him is opposite of what she felt for Jace and it scares her in a way that makes her well excited Jace`s death. The more she is in Killian`s world she is sensing what her role is yet for the first time she feels at home. Is she crazy or did she fall into the deep end?

As leader of the Demon Hunter Realm everybody`s life is in Killian`s hand. For years he has fought to keep everybody alive but somehow one of the Demon Realm`s evil and ruthless demon, Rya is determined to end everybody. As a woman who holds no mercy she is bent on destroying eerything he holds dear including a mortal who somehow has entered his world. No mortal that he knows of has been able to cross and still stay alive which Cassidy is confusing the heck out of him. She keeps thinking that her Jace is still the same guy she fell for and yet he is determined to make her see everything is different. Can he keep everyone alive and still keep his faimly and friends alive? Can he figure out why a mortal as beautiful as Cassidy is wreaking havoc to his heart and feelings?

I have to say this is a first I have read from D.A. Roach and have to say it was awesome. In away it felt like I was reading one of Sherrilyn Kenyon`s demon hunters yet in a world far different from her books. We have Killian who in Cassidy`s eye is just like her in age yet he is man who has the whole world on his shoulders. I loved that no matter how tough things are going in the book Killian is the one person who is strong through everything. I cringed at when his sister was ill and seeing Killian struggling to keep control in everything was like wow. Now Cassidy was a complex at first for no matter what she did she was convinced Jace was the same yet I kept rooting for Killian. Have to say D.A. Roach just wowed me in this book and now I`m in suspense what is going to happen in Book 2. Don`t be fooled about Cassidy though for inside she is a fighter all the way and Killian is exactly what she needs. Loved it.


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