Driven to the Edge by Morgan Black

Driven to the Edge by Morgan Black

154 pages


3 1/2

Jake Hawthorne is a killer. You want someone killed, someone who can get the job done with no feelings then you call Jake Hawthorne. Problem is the latest mission is hitting close to home. A job that can mean if he succeeds he finally gets what was taken away from him. It was supposed to be an easy kill. Get in get out no witnesses no mistakes. Yet he didn`t think his driver would be the problem. He knows with Alicia witnessing what he just did his cover has been blown to pieces. Though Jake tries he cannot let her go even if it means him going to prison. Somehow the driver has become more of an asset to him she has become his salvation. His main goal is to bring The Császár family down for what they did to his brother but now things are changing with Alicia in the plan. Can he do both get his revenge and keep the sexy, beautiul Alicia with him even though he is a cold blooded killer?

Okay so if you want action and suspense then Morgan Black has it in spades in Driven to the Edge but in my opinion felt it lacked romance for me. Don`t get me wrong loved the action and the sexual charm that oozed out of Jake Hawthorne but wanted more of him. Felt Alicia just was there not really there for me. I wanted more of her and felt this was just one sided about Jake and why he is what he is now. Morgan Black never faltered in the action but for me it wasn`t like her other books that I love. This one just seemed more about the action and revenge more fast paced then the chemistry between her main characters. Looking forward for her next one hoping for more of what I saw in her other books chemistry between her two main characters.


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