Sinful Nights Book 4: Sinful Love by Lauren Blakely

Sinful Nights Book4: Sinful Love by Lauren Blakely 

March 28, 2016



For years she has invaded his fantasies, dreams and now she is here. The last time Michael Sloan saw his true love she was engaged to another making her the one that got away. Now somehow fate wants them together and he is determined to never let her go again. He knows Annalise is and always will be his but knowing that she belonged to another just makes him well jealous. Not only does he need to control his love for her right now but knowing that his father`s murder case is close to an end he is distracted. It`s been years since his father, Thomas Paige, was killed and now he and his friends are close to finding his killer. It`s a case long time coming and yet all Michael wants to do is be with his love. Can he be the man she needs knowing that his father`s killer is still out there?

Annalise loves Paris but her heart is in Las Vegas with a man she met while on a student exchange in her high school years. The one man who not only stole her heart but still is in her life after all these years. Michael Sloan not only enchanted her with passionate kisses but got under her skin and stayed there even when she married another. Though she promised to be there for Julien her heart and soul belonged to Michael. After all these years she is ready to tell him her real feelings even if it means it might not be returned back. She knows Michael is determined to find his father`s killer but will it mean being separated from him again? Can she go on with life when Michael`s own might be in jeopardy?

Once again Lauren Blakely has enchanted this reader with her Sinful series. I loved that we finally got to learn more about Michael and his true love. Reading how long he has been in love never giving up on hope for his Annalise was beautiful. Though they have been apart it was beautiful to see that after all these years they still shared the same feelings towards one another. Lauren Blakely did a wonderful job with the last book in her Sinful series it was like closure for this family in finding out who killed Thomas and then everyone finding their true love. Just loved it.

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