Outlaw`s Baby by Marci Fawn

Outlaws Baby by Marci  Fawn

216 pages


4 moons

Cherie is afraid for it has been months since she last saw her sister and is thinking the worst of her. They have always been together and now she is feeling lost and scared. She has never been on her own and now she has a man like Axel Lake on her steps. Something about him reeks of danger yet sexy in every way it is confusing her. He seems normal at some times and is protective of her which scares her the feelings she has for him. Her goal is to find her sister not fall for the outlaw. Everybody tells her to not fall for him but somehow a life without him seems meaningless right now. Can she find her sister and not fall for the sexy outlaw?

Axel Lake is on the run for a crime he didn`t commit. Yet nobody will believe him and now his life is not what it used to be anymore. Meeting Cherie was not part of his plans but somehow a life without her is not something he is looking forward to. She is like sunshine to his  dark life and it scares him how protective he is becoming towards her. Cherie is not like his women he just fucks and the love he that is blooming within him is not what he expected at all. Can he commit to Cherie when the law is after him for a crime he didn`t commit?

This is the first I have read from Marci Fawn and have to say I want more of her outlaws. Axel is not your usual rebel for here is a guy who still has feelings and wants more than just a life on the run. He wants a normal life and a woman to love him. Cherie at first seemed kind of skittish but once you see what she is going through you can see how right she is for Axel. The whole bad boy attraction she feels for Axel scares her but man the passion between them is hot. Have to say this is one book that you will not disappointed and cannot wait for more from Marci Fawn.


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