Adrenaline by Kelly Elliott

Adrenaline by Kelly Elliott



Can a man who lost his heart to a dead girl learn to love again? For years Malcolm Wallace has kept his heart safe never falling for a woman. His motto is never get too close just bed them and leave. Yet it takes one woman to make him start thinking about a relationship again and it is scaring him. Paislie Pruitt is making him think of romance, love and even the unthinkable marriage and a family. He knows that he is seen as a playboy never giving a thought to a woman but Paislie is changing his mind. Malcolm`s whole life is centered in racing and it is Paislie who can help him and he`s determined to get her no matter the cost. Can he race again and still have the family he never thought was possible?

Paislie Pruitt wants love. For years she has been on her own never really having a family or someone to really love her. The one person who should have loved her left her at an orphanage when she was just a little girl. Now years later she is learning to try and trust men. Like Malcolm she is unable to fully give her heart when there is a chance she will be abandoned again. Malcolm, however, is making it difficult for her with his seduction, romance and heaven help her his hot kisses. She knows she has no chance to get away from him when he is always in her mind but she has to be strong. Can she a woman who has never known love finally get it with a man who is stuck well on a dead girl`s love?

I have to say every time I read a book by Kelly Elliott I get happy for this girl knows passion and romance between her characters. I loved that Malcolm is a man of many personalities and the main one that pulled at me was his vulnerability. The pain he has inside him after all these years is tough and it takes a strong woman like Paislie to not give up on him. Now she is different from Malcolm yet in some ways the same. Both are scared of loving and trusting one another but man when it all comes together watch out for Kelly Elliott blows you away. One thing about Kelly Elliott is you will not be disappointed for it is more than just a story it is about her characters finding peace and get what will complete their lives.


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